PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE COMMONS  Voters should not choose their candidate solely based on the candidates sex.
Voters should not choose their candidate solely based on the candidates sex.

By: Mickayla Miller

I will be the first to outright admit that I’m a raging, yet respectful, feminist — but you couldn’t pay me to vote for Hillary Clinton this November.

It’s strange to see so many people, women especially, who have backed Clinton since the beginning for the sole reason that she’s a woman, and that this could be a historical election, if only for the fact that the first woman president could be elected in their lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman president—otherwise known as, well, a president—but I believe that whoever the president may be, they need to be the right fit for the job. Personally, I don’t think she is what the country needs.

However, as the raging feminist I admitted to being earlier, it’s sickening to see all of the hate that Clinton receives merely for being a woman. It’s eerily reminiscent to the behavior exhibited when President Barack Obama was running. It’s times like these where presidential candidates get roasted for aspects of their social life, as well as things they can’t change.

Any time Clinton says anything in a certain tone of voice, or even a certain word placement, common folk are sometimes very quick to say that she’s simply PMSing, or something along those lines.

Many jokes and memes have been made that say things along the lines of, “If Bill didn’t even choose her, why should we?” These lines are made in reference to the affair her husband, Bill Clinton, was involved in that led to the steady decline of his reputation as president.

Of course, not everyone can be expected to be politically correct in all situations, but what people don’t realize is that when they defame Clinton because she’s a woman, or if they use her gender or marriage against her, they are committing acts of violence towards an already marginalized group.

Hillary Clinton is flawed, indeed. Every single person in this world is. But if you dislike her, do so because you don’t agree with her views or actions; do so because you don’t find her to be a good fit for a presidential candidate. Don’t do it because she’s a woman.

Additionally, don’t vote for her purely because she’s a woman. Do so because you see great things in her; do so because you believe she will bring this national to a time of peace and greatness, or she’ll fulfill whatever you personally stand for.

Don’t use someone’s status as something which you can gain from; go by the character, the heart and the beliefs each person possesses. Even if they don’t align with your own, remain respectful.

If you think Clinton is unfit for president, just make sure it’s for the right reasons.