Hillary Clinton scrutinized after getting caught stumbling on video

By: Allie Remis

The video of Hillary Clinton stumbling into her car on 9/11 was like a car crash that I couldn’t look away from. Her campaign claimed that the near fall was a result of heat exhaustion and maybe a complication of pneumonia.

My first reaction when I saw the video was that she looked how I probably look on my way to Starbucks in the morning. It was an uncomfortable twenty second video clip but I don’t think it deserves the scrutiny that it is getting. Physical health is an important factor in a president but is it the most important? Any reasonably healthy person can still suffer from heat exhaustion while wearing a suit outside at the end of summer. Seeing the presidential candidate appear not completely in control of her legs made me nervous, but it wasn’t enough of a concern to rule her out as a viable candidate.