Millersville dining confusion

PHOTO COURTESY OF MILLERSVILLE FACEBOOK As delicious as the food is at Millersville the new changes have me running in circle.
As delicious as the food is at Millersville the new changes have me running in circle.

By: Taylor Schuebel

I really hope I was not the only one who was completely confused with where everything was for the dining services during the first week of the semester. I’m almost a senior and I didn’t have this much trouble finding food when I first came to Millersville. With the new construction to The Upper Deck, the bistro moving and being replaced by a chain restaurant and the different plans going on at The Galley and Anchor I was nearly running in circles to find a place I wanted to eat before going to my excruciatingly long class. I guess this is what I get for not attentively reading my Millersville e-mail or listening in on the Orientation leaders who guided new students before the semester started.
Let me tell you about the little adventure I had trying to get something to eat before I had to go to a three-hour evening class. I ignorantly made my way over to the North Side Bistro with a to-go box in hand in hopes of getting a pull-pork sandwich, because they’re amazing, only to find it with the lights off and the chairs on the tables. It was closed. In hindsight, I should have known the Bistro would have been closed, but in my mind if the Cove was open then so was the Bistro.
With a shrug and some disappointment I walked over to The Galley to at least get a burger and some French fries. But when I get there what do I see? A sign that says that it won’t be open from 2p.m. to 5p.m. I was not waiting an extra half hour for food and I was not going to risk being late for class. Internally screaming, I made my way over to The Anchor skipping The Upper Deck. Anybody who goes to the Upper Deck often enough should understand why I skipped it. When I entered the Anchor my jaw dropped when I saw that no one was behind the counter for food orders. In my unholy rage, I stormed out of Gordinier Hall just mentally screaming, “Forget it! Just forget it! I’ll just go home and eat a microwave meal!”
As you may have guessed it wasn’t very filling.
It wasn’t until the following day that I figured out that the Upper Deck was serving the food that was normally served at The Galley. Oh, the irony.
So for those of you who may be still a bit confused about the changes of the dining halls:
• The North Side Bistro is closed, but you can still get pull-pork sandwiches, pasta and the like at The Upper Deck.
• From Monday to Thursday late night is at The Galley, not The Anchor.
• The cheesesteak area in The Galley is understaffing so until they have enough people it will be open depending on how much staff there is.
• The Galley is also now open on Sundays from 5p.m. to 11p.m.
• The Juice Bar had new hours, they have late night along with The Galley and open every day of the week