Mickayla Miller
Well, welcome. If you’re a commuter like me, it’s going to be an interesting first school year.
It might be overwhelming, having all of the autonomy but none of the benefits of being an on-campus student. Whether you’re living with your parents or are shacking up with some of your friends, you definitely gain a sense of independence as soon as you walk into the building of your first class.
There are a lot of cool things that happen on campus!
More than likely, you’re going to be balancing a job with school, and maybe you’re even trying to maintain a social life on top of that. It’s going to be hard; I’m not going to lie to you. There are going to be times where you just want to lay down and give up, and it’s in this very moment that you’ll (tiredly) realize all of the strength you possess.
You probably won’t talk to many of your high school friends, but it’s okay because this school has a lot of friendly people and a lot of ways to get involved. Being that this school is so big, it’s hard to feel like a big fish in a big pond; but this is the time to find yourself. Make mistakes, go after tons of things you wouldn’t normally do. Ask that cute person out in your class, even if they’re out of your league. Just because you don’t live on campus doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to the same lovely experience.
Oh, and don’t take morning classes. You’re gonna think you’ll get your life together and wake up early, but you won’t.
Julia Snyder
To Incoming Freshman;
Remember that your parents might be calling you because they miss you, not because they don’t trust you. It’s totally ok to talk to your mother more than once a week. Also, take care of your health. As someone who got really sick for the first time in her life during freshman year, it sucks to have to go home for doctors’ appointments every weekend. Find people that make you feel like you’re at home, and then try to live with those people. And don’t be afraid to make commitments or reach outside of your comfort zone. When you’re close to the end of your career and living with three sorority girls, you might really wish that you had just jumped in a committed when you had the chance.
Maria Glotfelter
Make sure you have a plan and study schedule for exams. I usually start studying for tests a week ahead of time, maybe more if it’s a big midterm. That method has worked well for me over these last five semester, but you just have to find what works for you. Find resources on campus also to make you life easier. As a commuter, I bring a lot of stuff with me to school everyday and usually pack a lot of food. Find the good parking places or where there’s always parking available (like the lot behind the SMC)! Also, check out the Philadelphia House if you’re a commuter.
Dan Zalewski III and Kat Wible
Dear Future Awesome People:
So you have just started on your path to become a future awesome member of society. Cool. We are here to provide you with a cheat code to have the greatest college experience ever. Clubs! Yes, clubs are the secret to having the best time ever. Go to organization outbreak and catch whatever the outbreak is (club fever).
For example, we (as club enthusiasts) are collectively members of nine different organizations on campus. Now I know what you’re thinking, when do you sleep. We don’t… and we love it.
Being a member of an organization on campus has so many positives that add to your college experience.
When we were freshman, clubs connected us with like minded people who eventually became our best friends. These are the people who are with you during all your college memories. They become your family. Heck, you might even celebrate Thanksgiving (Famsgiving) dinner with them.
Clubs may also steer you in the right direction. I (Kat) changed my major after joining a club. I came into college not knowing what I wanted to do. I realized that the club that I joined, MUTV, was something that I could do as a career and I found my true calling.
Clubs also teach you valuable leadership skills. These skills are highly attractive to an employer. Getting on an executive board of a club allows you to take charge and improve the club for the better. Getting on an executive board may seem hard, but it’s possible even as freshman. Putting yourself out there is the easiest way to get recognized.
If we had a chance to redo freshman year, the one thing we’d never change is joining the clubs that we did. I would’ve gone to class more but that’s just me (Kat).
PS. oh yeah, pro tip GO TO CLASS!!!!!
Taylor Schuebel
Hi guys! All I can tell you is that you would be surprised where you will find your new best friends. It could be at Orientation or it could be the person who sits in front of you in your art class. It’s best to go to at least one club meeting and be sure to check your e-mails and D2L for assignments and snow days. Lastly, I want to tell you is that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to drop a class. It’s okay to be stressed out. Seriously, it’s okay. You’re only Freshman. Don’t worry too much.