Taylor Cole

Arts and Culture Editor


Joanna Dacri (left) and Amanda Forman (right) pose with their paintings of The Tree of Life. (Taylor Cole/Snapper)

This Friday, Millersville students packed themselves into the Galley to participate in one of the school’s hottest events, Paint Night. This event, hosted by Ville After Dark, brought in Lancaster based art school Art Matters where they allowed students to paint their own version of “The Tree of Life”. At Paint Night, an artist from Art Matters stood at the front of the Galley and walked students through a guided tutorial of the painting. Easels held the example paintings up high so all students could see what their finished masterpieces would soon look like.

Many students enjoy Paint Night for a variety of different reasons. “Somebody actually dragged me here but I actually do love it and it’s awesome,” David Fernandes, a junior music education major said about his experience at Paint Night. It’s a great way for students to try out new experiences. Art Matters creates a communal environment which is a great way for students to get to know some of their peers.

Some students are interested in Paint Night for the health benefits. “It’s a lot of fun but also relieves a lot of stress,” says Christel Booths, a sophomore social work major. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy easily reduces stress and releases negative emotions. In addition, art therapy can reduce anxiety and help develop social skills. Having an event like this is a huge benefit for students during the stressful first few weeks of school. This event couldn’t have been done without the help of Art Matters.

Art Matters, located in Lancaster county, is a private art studio that handles private classes and parties. Brightly colored, spacious rooms house the brushes, the canvases, and the paint for new and advanced artists to shine. Art is incredibly important to this studio. They believe it allows individuals to dream and to unplug from the stress of the world. They foster a non-judgmental environment where everyone feels like their work is important and valued.

Ville After Dark hosts many events like this that students can get involved in. This Friday, Ville After Dark will host a movie-themed trivia night in the SMC atrium at 9pm. On Saturday, Emoji Stuff-a-Plush will be happening in the SMC Multipurpose Room at 9pm.