Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

During First Friday, the city of Lancaster buzzes with activity and comes alive (Photo courtesy of Samuel Lisa).

Lancaster is a welcoming and homey city for Millersville University students. A night out in town provides a cheap opportunity for college students who are mostly likely operating on a tight budget to have fun. First Fridays in Lancaster city, held on the first Friday of each month, are an especially fun day for local residents. From art and music to restaurants and thrifty shops, the city of Lancaster has plenty to offer. Some of the galleries featured at the last First Friday on Sept. 2 were: Mulberry Art Studios, Keystone Art & Culture Center, and City Hall Gallery. There is plenty to do at First Friday, but to enhance your night out in town, here are some tips from our local Lancaster experts:

Plan ahead: There are a lot of venues and different spots to visit in Lancaster during First Friday, so making a schedule or agenda will work out in your favor. Especially if you plan on going with friends, a schedule will help you optimize your time. “Our group walked around for a while trying to decide on somewhere to eat, and we wasted time,” said local attendee Jen Giambalvo. Go with friends: Coordinating events may be harder with more people, but having friends around to enjoy the festivities makes First Friday all the better!

Yorgos is one of the many delightful diners First Friday goers can visit (Photo courtesy of Samuel Lisa).

Prepare for crowds: First Friday is a popular event, and some places may be packed. “I liked that the city looked alive and lots of people were walking around, but by the same token, that made it really busy which I disliked,” stated Giambalvo. Preparing for crowds and planning ahead go hand in hand. Making reservations at a restaurant was another tip from local attendees. One goer stated that they couldn’t get into the restaurant they wanted and ended up looking around for another one.

Parking: As with most cities, parking in Lancaster can be tricky. Street parking is available in various places. Attendees can also find spots in parking garages, such as on Duke Street or Prince Street, for a small fee of approximately $5. Overall, First Friday provides some pretty cheap entertainment (although some stores may test your wallet) and proves to be an enjoyable outing to do with friends. “I decided to go because it was a new experience for me and most of my friends were going,” said Giambalvo. So, if you’re looking for something fun and affordable to do on a Friday, you may just want to check out First Friday in your local Lancaster city.