I’m stranded on campus, so here I am

By: Alexander Bershtein

I thought my fellow freshmen would like here the thoughts of another in our campus’s official newspaper. So whether that be the case, or your friend just through this paper at your face telling this story was intriguing and would not stop bugging you, enjoy!
Orientation seems to have been the kind of start into the world of college life. We said bye to family and friends, preferably meaningfully, but honestly if you have siblings that are younger than you I would bet you feel that life is more peaceful at the moment. Still, I do miss my pets most of all, but the invisible no-pets-allowed signs are at play in the dorms I hear. Anyways, orientation, the amount of activities and entertainment …if you came. It was very fun, informative, and hopefully got you started on meeting people. I found that searching for the new friends part quite hard at first, but now a couple weeks later I have made a lot. Yet, none come to eat pancakes at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday at the Galley with me… I wonder why?
Classes began not long after and they bewildered me at first. Having most of my classes once a week was mind blowing! It took me way too long to finally realize and celebrate that fact. So far the work seems fine, some projects have been started, a first quiz in two days, and already a couple projects on the go. However, I feel that this wind of change is not at all overwhelming, well almost. I feel if I figure out how to pace these requisites, it will be smoother. I have asked my professors for advice more times than I wished too, but they have always seemed eager, unless it is a weekend. Who could blame them?!
All in all, I hope the college life is going well for everyone. I just want to add a few tips that I have come across mostly accidently, and this article may have accidently came to you so I hope we are on the same boat that may have crashed onto the shores of that nice island where those king and queen swans might be unhappy about. So the tips with little exposition to make ease things: chat with your orientation leader even if you have not in weeks for help when desperate on weekends, figure out who your adviser is in the first two weeks or fifth after reading this, make sure your roommate is not angry at you for something your parents usually are, be slightly more mature than you usually are when you can, participate in class and in clubs because you want to enjoy them, and lastly please try the pancakes at the Galley before your early 8 a.m. class on Wednesday because they are delicious, and not because alarm clocks are ringing inexplicably at an insufferable time.