Taylor Cole
Arts & Culture Editor

Everyone has heard of First Friday in Lancaster, where shops are open later and events pop up around the city. Most people don’t know what happens on the third Friday of each month in Lancaster city, though. Every third Friday, Millersville students can take the bus into the city to experience Music Friday.

Music Fridays are a great chance for local musicians to flaunt their talents (photo courtesy of Taylor Cole).

On a typical Music Friday in Lancaster city, soloists, guitarists, horn quartets, drum lines, and bands play the streets. It seems on every corner a new musician sets up his equipment to share his sound. The organizations behind this event are The City of Lancaster Office of Promotion (LOOP), Music For Everyone (MFE) and Series 42. During these Fridays, Music for Everyone promotes awareness to the depleting amount of resources students have in schools to fill their musical needs.
This Friday, MFE set up shop in Binns Park where they sold t-shirts and asked the community to take pictures of them playing the air guitar to raise awareness. With the funds MFE gains, they set up street pianos decorated with paint around the city in a variety of locations. These pianos are able to played by anyone walking along. In addition, they help mentor students to increase their musical potential and donate instruments to schools and students in need. Music Fridays are another way for MFE to spread their message.

Funds that Music for Everyone (MFE) gains are used to set up street pianos, which are tastefully decorated with paint (photo courtesy of Taylor Cole).

Every Music Friday, LOOP, MFE, and Series 42 organize a special concert series. This past Friday’s featured band was The Big Fat Meanies, a funk band based in Lancaster, PA. All of the members of The Big Fat Meanies either went to Millersville or are attending currently.
The band combined a rock feel with a funky twist. The band had the stunning vocals, guitar, bass, and drums but added a bass clarinet, a trumpet, a trombone which definitely gave a more rich sound. Many people gathered in Binns Park to watch The Big Fat Meanies play their songs such as “Fishin’ (for Compliments).”
While First Fridays are fun, Music Fridays offer many exciting opportunities to see local musicians show off what they work so hard to accomplish. The next Music Friday will be on October 21st with a new act playing in Binns Park