MU blanked by CalU

Nick Witwer

Staff Writer

This past Saturday, Millersville went on the road to take on the California Vulcans in the Marauders first away game of the 2016 season. This game did not start out the way Millersville had hoped it would. On the Marauders opening drive, deep into California territory, J.J. Paige threw an interception to Aaron Terry, who then returned the ball all the way into Marauder territory. That interception would be a part of a series of unfortunate plays to occur, as just four plays later the Vulcans were able to punch it into the endzone with a Nick Grissom rush from just one yard out. In the second quarter, more trouble occurred. On third and three, California player, Jawan Turner, came up with the strip sack on Paige and took the ball thirty six yards to the house. At halftime the Vulcans would lead the Marauders 24-0. It never got any easier for Millersville as in the third quarter, California’s Garry Brown would return the second half kickoff ninety eight yards for a touchdown. Just when it seemed it could not get any worse, on the very next play the Marauders fumbled on the kickoff and the Vulcans took the fumble recovery straight into the endzone putting the game even farther out of reach. After a few more drives ended in punts, Millersville would turn to Tony Staffieri to try and get something going for the offense, being down 48-0 to start the fourth quarter. Staffieri was not able to do much more than Paige as he would get intercepted by Dymond Thomas on his very first pass of the game. One play later California would get a thirteen yard touchdown run out of Jalen Bell. After adding one final touchdown, The California Vulcans defeated the Millersville Marauders 61-0. After a disheartening loss like this, it still does not get any better for the Marauders as they are set to take on what looks to be a tough test against the Kutztown Bears next week. The game against Kutztown is always a big game as it is the game that sets the tone for the rest of the season. Millersville has struggled in recent years against the Bears, being outscored 252-47 throughout the last 10 seasons. There is a lot for Millersville to gain out of this game. They have a chance to go back to a five hundred winning percentage with a two and two record, something they have not done since the 2010 season. They also have a chance to gain back some major momentum that was lost after the game saturday. Even if Millersville falls short against the Bears, if they are able to play well, then the Marauders will gain back some of that momentum which will put them back on the right track both physically and mentally as they prepare for the remainder of the season.