Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

Music festivals, the perfect place for music lovers to go meet other people with common musical interests. Music festivals are also perfect for fans to see many bands at the same time. Festivals are usually cheaper than going to see just one artist. Music festivals usually occur during the warmer seasons because most of them are outside. These festivals are large and several stages are usually set up.

Ticket prices ranged from $54 all the way to $308. VIP packages included meet and greets, pit passes, and even free merchandise. This is depending on which package fans chose from. Concert parking is never cheap, sometimes fans pay more to park than they did for the tickets. On-site parking was $25 and off-site parking was $20. Majority of fans parked on-site due to the unsafe area surrounding the venue.

Rock Allegiance occurred on Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th. At the Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania. The two day festival consisted of 39 bands spread across three stages. The River stage and Bridge stage were next to each other, but two bands did not play on the stages at a time. While a group was performing on the Bridge stage another group was setting up on the River Stage. Smaller bands that some fans may not have heard of played on the Liberty Stage located outside of the arena.

Outside of the arena several food stands were set up along with beer stands and sponsors had tents set up as well. Monster Energy was giving away free Monster to fans. Zippo was allowing fans to test out lights. There was even a stand that allowed talented spectators to try out guitars, drums, and microphones.

Concert merchandise tents were set up. All of them consisted of long lines of fans waiting to buy official Rock Allegiance shirts. Some fans waited until the end of the show to buy cheaper tee shirts in the parking lot.

Most bands played an hour long set which consisted of new and old music. Fans in the pit were lucky enough to catch guitar picks and drumsticks at the end of each set. Crowd surfing, frowned upon by security, but some bands asked fans to crowd surf. Security removed crowd surfers from the pit area upon catching them.

Alice in Chains headlined on Saturday night and Avenged Sevenfold headlined on Sunday. The headlining bands closed the show out, so they had to be full of energy. The headlining bands played a little longer of a set than most other bands.

Avenged Sevenfold fans lit up the entire stadium with phone flashlights and lighters. The crowd sang “A little Piece of Heaven” with enthusiasm.

Music festivals always have interesting fans that go all out and dress up. Someone dressed as God, Santa, Harmbe, and a man was even there dressed in a bikini.

Music festivals are the place to be to enjoy some good music, good food, and good company.