Juggler Nick Pike wows

Millersville students Allie Taylor (left) and Christel Booths (right) pose with juggler Nick Pike. (Leanne Seidel/Snapper)

Casey Sullivan

Staff Writer

Last Friday, September 23, the Millersville campus was visited by some talent– “America’s Got Talent” to be exact.

Sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) and Ville after Dark, “America’s Got Talent” finalist, juggler Nick Pike, graced the Multipurpose Room Stage.

International Education Week

The show was part of the Parent & Family Weekend festivities. The tickets were free and the performance lasted roughly an hour.

The show itself consisted of Pike juggling various items– balls (five total), glittering clubs (at first three but then an additional two more), bladed weapons (such as axes and cleavers), and a Diabolo (a Chinese device that in practice is akin to a hardcore yo-yo demonstration). The UK- born Nick Pike is skilled at his craft with 25 years of practice and it shows.

Pike incorporated his own pizzazz and flair to the routine through unique tricks, such as catching a ball with his neck, catching them behind his back, balancing a club on his chin, catching without looking, impersonating Jackie Chan, throwing objects between his legs, and so on. There was even a small skit where Pike reads a pamphlet about burgers (a contribution from an audience member) while he continued to juggle. He also showed himself capable of other physical feats– cartwheels, side kicks, and other acrobatic dance moves.

Another skit involved riding a relatively tall unicycle while juggling. There was a moment when the chain broke but it was easily fixed (with some assistance from a knowledgeable audience member) and Pike returned to wowing the crowd.

In addition to juggling, Pike is a comedian as well. As a result, the act included jokes during the routine. If the gag was deemed inappropriate he, “…blames the parents if the kids understood them.” He also interacted with the audience at different points, referring to one, “…as if Harry Potter and [Draco] Malfoy had a son” and another patron as “Papa Smurf.”

Despite having some microphone problems and sweating in his words, “…more than Dick Cheney’s hunting buddies,” or “…Mike Tyson at a spelling bee,” Pike managed to complete his act and entertain his audience till the very end.

The finale was truly a spectacle– striding across a towel covered in broken glass, Pike simultaneously juggled knives while a bag entirely covered his head.

Nick Pike’s juggling act was truly an amazing show to witness. If one would like see what else he has to offer, information is available at his website at