Taylor Cole

Arts & Culture Editor

This past Saturday, Ville After Dark brought a special group like no other to perform for parents and students during Parent & Family Weekend. Filharmonic took the Multi-Purpose Room stage and sang covers of popular Top 100 songs that the audience both knew and loved. The Filharmonic are an acapella group featuring six Filipino men (hence the FIL in Filharmonic). For those not in the know, acapella is a form of entirely vocalized music that does not include any instruments. This does not mean their performance lacked beats or bass. Requisite beat-boxing was provided by member Niko Del Rey alongside the low bass notes projected by vocal bassist Jules Cruz. With this, the group was able to provide beats and rhythms that could be felt in the chests of the audience.

Filharmonic are based out of Los Angeles, CA and premiered on television screens across the country on NBC’s show “Sing Off” where they reached the semi-finals. Throughout their career they have performed on stage with groups like Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, and world renowned acapella outfit, the Pentatonix. Additionally Filharmonic appeared in the hit feature film “Pitch Perfect 2” (2015) where they performed on the main stage of the International Championships, representing the Philippines.

Filharmonic filled their hour long show with hit songs like “Shut up and Dance with Me”, “Levels”, and “Treasure.” In addition, they did a cover of Jessie J’s “Flashlight,” the song the Barden Bellas perform during the finale of “Pitch Perfect 2.”

The members of the group were funny and delivered the audience a lot of laughs. Their vocals were flawless and left many in a state of wonder and awe. Afterwards, students lined up for a meet and greet with the group’s members. It was a musical experience unlike any other seen so far this year at Millersville.

This Friday, Sept. 30, Ville After Dark will be playing “Star Trek Beyond” (2016) in the Student Memorial Center’s Multi-Purpose Room at 9 pm. Saturday Oct. 1, Ville After Dark will host Gift Card Bingo in the Student Memorial Center Atrium at 9 pm.