Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

Catch Yellowcard at a city near you during their last album tour. (Photo courtesy of yellowcardrock.com)
Catch Yellowcard at a city near you during their last album tour. (Photo courtesy of yellowcardrock.com)

Breakups are one of those things that are unavoidable in this world. People breakup and sometimes bands do too. Much like people, some bands break up on good terms and others, bad. Luckily, Yellowcard did not conclude on bad terms despite announcing the breakup, mid 2016. Along with the breakup post, the band announced a new album and their last global tour.

Yellowcard’s final album, Self Titled, was released on Sept. 30 and fans reacted with much sadness. Yellowcard’s seminal album, Midget Tossing, originally debuted in 1997. Since this time, Yellowcard has released nine additional albums. The group took a break in 2009, but the following year jumped back into the studio to record When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. The band has toured with the release of each album giving fans a chance to hear the new music live. Thankfully, this time will be no different and the band is going on one last tour before the scheduled breakup.

The pop punk quadruplet consists of Ryan Key, Sean Mackin, Ryan Mendez, and Josh Portman. Eight additional musicians have played with the band at various points in time. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida the group has continuously expanded their audience by playing the Vans Warped Tour several times over the years.

In Feb. of 2016, Yellowcard announced that they were working on a new album, along with the sad news it would be their last. The release of the first single, “Rest in Peace” quickly followed the official announcement of the new album in June of this year. Each album traditionally features some pretty artsy designs. This newest one depicts an open field with a house– the photo having been taken by guitar player Ryan Mendez.

Yellowcard has signed with Hopeless records in order to bring the new album to fruition.
“Empty Street” and “I’m a Wrecking Ball” began life as demo songs before appearing on the album. The work consists of ten songs and is 45 minutes from start to finish– the perfect length for a nice drive.

This offering is not as fast paced as older albums and includes many slow songs. Yet, even the faster paced tracks are not as heavy as some of their previous work. It seems as though the band is saying farewell to their fans in this last outing.

Yellowcard has partnered up with f.y.e Music to release a deluxe edition of the album including acoustic versions of two songs plus a handful of bonus tracks.

Bands often breakup, many remaining that way. But others get back together. Yellowcard fans will continue to have their fingers crossed for a reunion after this tour.

Catch Yellowcard on their final tour in a city near you. It may be your last chance to see a pop-punk band this great.