Cirque du Soleil performs exciting circus show

Maria Glotfelter

Features Editor

Cirque du Soleil is the largest theatrical producer in the entire world. Although they are a Canadian entertainment troupe, they travel all over the world performing different shows with varying themes. One of the numerous appealing qualities of Cirque du Soleil is that it is animal-free. The only performers are human beings, albeit very talented ones. This past September, the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, had the pleasure of hosting Cirque du Soleil.

The show consisted of two forty-five minute halves with a twenty-minute intermission as a break. Outside of the performance center, there were plenty of food stands for audience members to buy circus-food staples such as popcorn and lemonade. Tickets started at around $60, but could cost as much as $220 depending on the seat preferences of the buyer. Attenders were dressed anywhere from casual to business formal.

The theme for the performance at the Giant Center was “bugs.” There was a huge backdrop on the stage that changed scenes from performance to performance. Sometimes a grassy meadow would be displayed, then a gray stone background, and other times a thick woodland. The acrobats and actors were all dressed in bug-themed clothing. One performer Vladimir Hrynchenko was dressed as a blue dragonfly. He performed a solo routine on a moving vine-like piece of an equipment.

Catherine Audy and Alexis Trudel, two other acrobats, performed a duo acrobatic routine. The amount of trust that partners must place in each other is astounding. The couple performed on ropes and were constantly swinging around in beautiful patterns. Many times, one partner would be completely supporting the other’s weight, displaying their strength and trust in one another.

In between the major performances, there was a comedic routine. Throughout the entire show, there was an ongoing “love” story played out between a grasshopper and a ladybug. After each acrobatic or juggling performance, the love story would progress a little bit more, often containing some slapstick comedy in the routines. The comedy added a nice break from the breathtaking acts and also provided appeal to families. The performance had considerably loud sound effects, so it may not be appropriate for very young children. However, older children and teenagers would definitely enjoy the show.

Among all the routines, any audience member would note the superior strength and flexibility needed by all the performers. Cirque du Soleil definitely has fantastic athletes, and these athletes come from all different countries around the world. While many come from Canada, Cirque du Soleil’s home, there are plenty of actors from other countries such as China, Mongolia, and Ukraine.

Overall, Cirque du Soleil has top-notch performance and is a must-see for any circus lover. From breathtaking acrobatic feats to simple comedic relief, Cirque du Soleil is sure to entertain.