Krystle Bittner

Staff Writer

Intramurals is currently hosting the playoffs for Coed, Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Soccer. The playoff games started on Sunday, October 2 and will continue throughout the week.

The Recreation Coed league started on September 12 with two games. Luke and Friends got the first win over the Foot Fairies with a score of 2-0. Inter Me-Van beat MU Babies 2-0.

On September 14, MU Babies came back from their loss and defeated the Foot Fairies 4-1. Luke and Friends also won against Inter Me-Van with a score of 1-0. Moving forward to September 19, MU Babies walked away with another win over the Foot Fairies 2-1, and Luke and Friends also left with another win over Inter Me-Van 2-1.
On September 21, Inter Me-Van got their first win over the Foot Fairies 1-0, and MU Babies and Luke and Friends ended in a tie of 3-3. MU Babies won in a forfeit by Inter Me-Van, and Luke and Friends won 4-0 over the Foot Fairies on September 28.
Heading into the playoffs, on October 2, MU Babies and Luke and Friends played their last game of the season. Luke and Friends dominated with a score of 4-0 making them the fall 2016 Champions of the Intramural Recreation Coed League with a record of 4-0-1. Congratulations to Luke and Friends!
Competitive Men’s and Competitive Coed played Tuesday, October 2 and will play again Thursday, October 4 to determine which teams will win their leagues championship. For Competitive Men’s, it is between the Strikers and the Backdoor Surprise. Competitive Coed’s next game is between Manchester Divided and the Bomb Squad. Whoever wins that game will play Look Ma No Hands for the championship.