Volleyball falls short Friday

Michella Salvitti

Staff Writer

Millersville women’s volleyball team hosted fellow rival Edinboro in their home season opener. Friday night was yet another tough match as the Marauders fell 3 to 0. In the first set, Ville was trying adjust to the injuries and lost 25-15 in the first set. Then improved with a 25-17 loss in the second set. During the third set however, the Marauders came out with something to prove. At one point during the set, the ladies were leading by 3 points, 18-15. However, they ended up falling 25-21 to end the match. If the intensity and chemistry on the court during the start of the third set would have been consistent throughout the whole match, the outcome could have been much different.

The women’s team had a moderate showing considering the four or five injuries the team is suffering. While attending the game, it was not hard to see that the girls on the court were experiencing some mild communication issues. At times, two girls would go for the same ball. Likewise, there were times when there were holes, and no one would be there to keep the ball up to volley. Regardless of the communication, Millersville had 30 kills and 27 assists.

Junior Kelsi Ceriani had a strong game with one block and two block assists. She also had 8 kills with only 2 errors. After the match with Edinboro, the Marauders PSAC record is 0-3 and Edinboro remains undefeated within the conference. On October 14th, Millersville will host Cheyney in Pucillo Gym at 7pm.