Allison Remis


APSCUF announced the beginning of the strike on their Facebook page shortly after 5am. Both university faculty and student volunteers formed picket lines across Millersville’s campus and the other thirteen PASSHE campuses across the state.

The dialogue last night was heated with the APSCUF president posting regularly and presenting a Facebook live video at 10:30pm. PASSHE made sporadic posts throughout the afternoon and evening.

The media silence ended at 8:45pm with a statement that PASSHE handed APSCUF their ‘last best offer’ and were done negotiating.

“Could Chancellor Frank Brogan not stay up past his bedtime to defend quality public higher education?” touted APSCUF’s Facebook page.

APSCUF updated their social media hourly throughout the night to say that they were still at work waiting for negotiating to continue. With no further negotiation occurring, the strike began.

Some students have been picketing alongside the professors. A student demonstration, Marauders March Out in Solidarity, plans to gather students in front of the library and march to Lyle Hall to show solidarity to the professors on strike.