Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

Walking inside Commonwealth café located on Queen Street, visitors are greeted by a warm atmosphere, both literally and figuratively. Inside the café, the air is a little warm and the acoustics are bit off, but those are the only insignificant complaints about Commonwealth. A host waits to take your order as soon as you enter, but customers seat themselves. The decorum inside is both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. The wooden tables and floor are accented by white chairs and fans. There are also delicate, sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, adding a sophisticated touch to the otherwise casual café. Hanging on the walls are watercolor-like pictures of birds and flowers.

The café also has large bay windows, perhaps marking it as a former department store. Ornate rose decorations sit in the smaller windows. Located in the back of the room is a cute little bookshelf and the whole store is decorated with little black chalkboards written on with vibrant colors. Outside seating is also available for guests.

Commonwealth on Queen is a hipster cafe that offers a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, as well as coffee and teas on their menu (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

Commonwealth’s menu does not disappoint. They serve a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Among the breakfast sandwiches is the “big ol’ breakfast sandwich,” a guest favorite. This scrumptious sandwich is piled with roasted red peppers, avocado, cheese, egg, bacon, all complete on a toasted bun. Among the other breakfast favorites is the “Bagel & Lox,” consisting of Alaskan smoked salmon, capers, red onions, cream cheese and being served with greens on the side. Customers can also build their own breakfast sandwich.

Of course, what cafe menu would be complete without a variety of coffees and drinks? Guests wanting just regular coffee can help themselves at the coffee bar, which has a decaf and house blend along with all the typical coffee bar items such as half & half, raw sugar, and other sweeteners. Among the variety of coffee and teas Commonwealth serves are: Matcha latte, Lancaster fog, chai latte, peppermint tea, café au lait, cappuccinos, and flat white. Alternative breakfast items, such as parfaits and cinnamon buns, are also served. The menu also provides gluten-free options.

Commonwealth’s bookshelf is one of the aesthetically pleasing decorations inside the cafe (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

Located at the corner of N. Queen and Walnut Street, Commonwealth sits right in downtown Lancaster. Duke Street and Prince Street parking garages may provide convenient parking locations if goers are unable to find a parking spots on the street.

One final appealing quality of Commonwealth is their “Farm to Fork” policy. Commonwealth uses locally sourced ingredients from Lancaster county. So, while you’re taking a break from work, take this chance to stimulate your local economy and sit down to a big ol’ breakfast sandwich at Commonwealth.