Allie Remis

The Starbucks on campus gets a lot of traffic throughout the day with rushed and thirsty students, but MU junior Julia Lenz is trying to use that to make a difference. Every week, Lenz gives 20 dollars, or about ten percent of her paycheck, to Starbucks to ‘pay it forward’ to the people behind her in line.

Lenz got the idea in high school when a stranger at a nail salon paid for the manicure Lenz was getting before a school dance. The woman told her to pay it forward so she went to Chick-fil-a and continued from there.

MU junior Julia Lenz “pays it forward” at Starbucks, spreading positivity in a small but impactful way (Photo courtesy of Allie Remis).

At Millersville, Lenz tried to pay it forward at the school store, but she found her dollars stretched farther and affected more people at Starbucks. Sometimes she sits and drinks her iced chai latte and watches the people behind her in line get excited to find out their drink is free.

“I love the reactions people have, they are so happy and I think it’s so much fun.”

Lenz works at the Galley and the Anchor on campus while at school. As for her outlook on money, she sees money as ongoing. She works two jobs but says “it’s all about how you spend it.”

“My dad always told me if you give ten percent of what you have you will never be poor,” Lenz said.
Her goal is to create a ripple effect. She would love to create an army of do-gooders to make the world a better place.

“You have to find your way to make a difference as you go through life and I think I found mine.”