Succeeding with disabilities

Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

Navigating through college with a disability is certainly challenging, but students can take advantage of support services in order to help themselves (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia).

Going to college is tough, but what about those with disabilities? Those that go have pressure on them that is hard to overcome. How does one with a disability navigate college?

It is easy on paper. Use the college’s and personal support networks. The learning services office is an amazing place to go to get started. They are located on the third floor of Lyle Hall. Just take the elevator up and take a right and walk down the hall. Tutoring is right there, and they will point you in the right direction.

A student can get suggestions from learning services on how they can be more successful. There are many things that they can do. There are papers called green sheets that allow a student to take a test at the tutoring center instead of in class. This is an accommodation that learning services can provide. There are many more that they can provide as well. Look to the learning services website on the Millersville website to find out more.

Besides college support, there are ways to utilize personal coping skills to get through the day. There are a multitude of coping skills, but it is hard to know which one works best. Someone with a disability has to figure out what works for them. Someone with a social anxiety disorder, for instance, may need to take time away from the crowd. To do this that person needs to find a place that is quiet and that they can relax at. This could be the dorms, the suites or even the library. Learning services also can help with that.

Navigating college is tough, but definitely doable. Whatever disability, it is doable. It depends a lot on the student, but they have to make use of the resources that they either have already established prior to college or start building support for themselves here at the college. The college is willing to help, but it is up to the students to seek out that help.