Mickayla Miller
News Editor

Biology major Christine Lien wanted nothing more to be back in the classroom, she said. But instead, she rallied alongside the professors and other students to make a statement to the State System.

It’s the second day of the professor’s strike, and Millersville students are still out showing their love and support.

Professors and students alike adorned the sidewalks of George Street, waving at every car that came by. Many were holding up picket signs, and were laden with pins, face paint or anything else that showed their support for the teacher’s union, APSCUF.

A student demonstration took place Thursday afternoon outside of McNairy Library. Students and faculty stood near the streets or sat in the sun on the cool October afternoon.

This is Lien’s second day protesting outside of the library.

“[I’m] sitting here because one day isn’t going to do anything,” Lien said. “We need continuous support for our faculty.”

While many students may have taken this time off as an excuse to party or sleep in, Lien said she believes that students should be standing with the faculty.

“I think the fact that the students are here, that it puts pressure on the state,” Lien said.

Millersville is just one of 14 schools whose professors are walking out in solidarity for the right to an updated and fair contract.

While some students are adamantly protesting, there are others who show their support from afar.

On a typical day, student Jack Robison spends his time down by the duck pond near Dutcher Hall. While not actively involved, he said that he shows his support for the faculty, and said he knows the importance of teachers in the community.

“I think it’s important that our professors are getting the proper treatment,” Robison said. “[They] shape new minds.”

Robison said he is enjoying the break, but he does not want it to last forever. “I just want everyone to get their due treatment,” Robison said. “Whatever that may mean.”