Julia Snyder

Managing Editor

The brilliant members of the All Campus Musical Organization (ACMO) enthralled audience members with a collection of performances that both showcased Millersville University’s philanthropic spirit, as well as the talent and passion that can be found on campus.

ACMO hosts a student-run benefit every year in both the fall and the spring. There is no required entry fee to attend each benefit, because the shows are the base for ACMO’s philanthropic contributions to the community.  Donations are encouraged at the door in order to fundraise for the director-chosen philanthropy. Proceeds from this year’s fall benefit went to Music for Everyone, a non-profit organization that advocates for the importance of school and community-based music programs. Music for Everyone’s goal is to raise awareness and supply resources to increase the prevalence of music programs in school and communities. ACMO was able to raise $233 for Music for Everyone’s cause, which Jones stated was unexpected. As a campus with such a large population of young education professionals, the philanthropy’s goal is something that many community members view as vital for both their careers and their personal lives.

For the theme 2016 fall benefit, director John Jones chose British Invasion. After an audition process, performers chose music originally accredited to artists from Great Britain.

Originally, Jones had envisioned a show centered on music by The Beatles. After much discussion, the theme morphed into something more inclusive: British Invasion. “We all agreed that British Invasion would probably be better. In the coming weeks I had to decide what I thought British invasion was because it’s a very broad topic. There are many different waves.” Overall, any artist from England, Wales or Scotland were considered to fit under the theme. Performers captivated those in Dutcher Hall with covers of Adele, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran and many others.

There were a total of 18 performances and a short intermission in the studio theater of Dutcher Hall. Individuals found in the audience ranged from the families of the performers and students, to Millersville community members with a love for a show. Many of the musicians found themselves on stage more than once, contributing to the show through solo performances as well as group performances. The afternoon show carried a cheerful, intimate vibe that kept audience members captivated.

“I was so happy, I loved every single performance and I thought everyone did fantastic. They definitely exceeded what I had envisioned in my mind,” said Jones.

To ensure that the afternoon show ran smoothly, Jones also stated that he was assisted by and thankful for music director and piano accompanist Joe Seifrit, stage manager Amanda Piergallini, Jordan Rippon, who handled lighting and Alex Hart, the guitar accompanist.  

“It’s an amazing way to see the talent that students have on campus and to also reach out to donate your funds to a really great cause,” said Jones.