Josh Rittberg

Staff Writer

On Oct 14 and 15, Citamard performed the play “No Exit” at Dutcher Hall. “No Exit” takes place in hell and sparse set design only increased the dismal tone of the show.

The play begins with The Valet (Alex Arnold) who shows Joseph Garcin (Sean H.T. Domenic) to his new home. The Valet is “No Exit’s” sole source of comic relief, and he only has about 10 minutes of stage time in this hour long play, but nevertheless, Alex Arnold relishes every moment that he has on stage.

Next we meet the characters Inez and Estelle, who are played incredibly well by Lanelle Quzack and Carolyn Mcgough. Once in Hell, Inez, Estelle and Joseph realize that they hate each other, and that the real hell is being stuck together. Throughout the play, revelations are made as the characters share with each other how they made it into Hell. As we the audience hears their backstories, the characters become even more despicable, and by the end of the play, no one is exactly as they seemed when we first got introduced to them.
Sean H.T. Domenic gives a very grounded performance as Joseph Garcin. Garcin is the cowardous character in the play, and the one the audiences root for during most of the show. Domenic’s performance is one of the production’s highlights.

Lanelle Quzack did an incredible job with the challenging role of Inez. Inez throughout the play lusts over the character Estelle and she will do anything to get Estelle to herself. Inez was hands down the most despicable character in the play, and Quzack played that part very convincingly.

Carolyn Mcgough was spot-on as the supposedly innocent character of Estelle. Estelle at the beginning of the play is very ditzy and is unsure why she is in Hell. By the end of the show, she is as despicable as Inez. Seeing Mcgough’s arc throughout the play was a thrilling one to watch.

“No Exit” was slickly directed by Phillip Rooney who did very well establishing the hellish setting of the play. You could hear a pin drop in the audience during the performance, and when that happens during a play, you know that an audience is gripped. Rooney helped create a very engaging production.

“No Exit” has closed at The Rafters Theater here at Millersville, but if it plays near you, definitely go see it. “No Exit” manages to be engaging while also making you think, and that is exactly what the best plays do.