Taylor Cole

Arts and Culture Editor

It’s not even Halloween yet and some spooky stuff is already happening here at Millersville during Homecoming week. This past Monday Oct 17, famous hypnotist, with an uncanny resemblance to Drake, came to Millersville and freaked out the audience with his crazy hypnotism. Chris Jones is a fresh face in the entertainment world who has spooked audiences with his hypnosis since college. One of his most famous hypnotisms was when he hypnotized Howie Mandel, a huge germaphobe, into shaking hands with all of the judges. Thanks to the University Activities Board (UAB), Millersville students could see him work his “magic” up close and personal with some students getting hypnotized themselves.

The Multipurpose Room in the Student Memorial Center flooded with students awaiting Jones’ performance. After telling a couple jokes, he told the crowd that hypnotism is not magic. When he hypnotises you, he’s playing with your mind but it is no illusion. He claims he did not pay anyone to act hypnotized and he did not tell them what to say. These claims make what happened next even more freaky.

Jones proceeded to hypnotise the crowd by saying “sleep” over and over again with accompanying click of the tongue. When he told the crowd to wake up, everyone raised their head. The audience became skeptical if Jones’ was the real deal here because no one was hyponotized in that moment. Once Jones’ said sleep and clicked his tongue again, suddenly chins snapped downward to the torso. Several students had actually fallen asleep. This is the point in the show when the audience became 100% spooked.

Jones’ proceeded to call these students up to the stage. They walked like zombies throughout the crowd up to the stage. It looked as if they were sleepwalking. The students became Jones’ puppets for the evening. Anything that came out of Jones’ mouth the students would obey.

Throughout the show, the hypnotized students forgot their names and when asked “what’s your name”, they’d reply with their favorite animal, not realizing at all that “koala” was not their real name. Jones told them they were at a party where they’d liked any song he played. The students danced their hearts out to songs from every decade. When he told them the police showed up at this “party”, the students hid under chairs, curtains and even a piano to hide from the cops. One student was very adamant that he didn’t drink any alcohol at this party and shouldn’t be arrested. Little did he know he was on a stage in front of his peers and not a jury.

At the end of the show, he told the hypnotized students that they were at a Drake concert having the time of their lives. They wouldn’t remember any of the crazy stunts they did on stage until they walked out the SMC MPR doors. When the students woke up to the Drake concert, they were having the times of their lives, dancing and screaming lyrics to “Hotline Bling” and “Hold on, We’re Goin’ Home”. When “Drake” came out into the audience, the hypnotized students screamed with joy. One student even became very emotional and started crying.

Jones closed the show and the audience picked a hypnotized student to watch. The audience showed the hypnotized students videos of them on stage but it wouldn’t convince them that they were on stage acting like that. As soon as the hypnotized students walked through the doors, horror struck their faces. Suddenly, it all came back to them and they couldn’t believe that they had actually done that.

“We gotta get out of here,” a hypnotized student exclaimed upon seeing her fellow peers looking at her in amazement. It was truly one of the weirdest experiences for everyone involved.

Now, were the students really hypnotized? Or was it just some joke? At parts during the show, the audience roared in laughter at the hypnotized students while they sat their straight-faced. It seemed anything Jones asked, they’d do. While everyone has their own opinion, something freaky happened this past Monday in the SMC MPR.

Happy Halloween, y’all.