Wiesenthal wows at Ware Center

Josh Rittberg

Staff Writer

At the Ware Center on October 5, Real life Nazi hunter and hero Simon Wiesenthal was vividly brought back to life in Tom Dugan’s spectacular one man play Wiesenthal

Tom Dugan’s Wiesenthal is set in 2003 where Simon is addressing his last group of students at his office in Vienna before he retires. Through Simon’s address we the audience learn about Simon Wiesenthal’s greatest accomplishments and his lifelong impact on the holocaust movement.

Tom Dugan gives a true tour de force performance as Simon Wiesenthal. The lack of a set really contributed to the intimate feel of the production. By the end of the play, I really forgot that I was watching an actor, I felt like the real man was talking right to me. Dugan’s admiration   for Wiesenthal is felt throughout the play, and seeing Dugan truly transform into this man was really a sight to behold. His performance alone is worth the price of admission.

Throughout the play, Dugan hear stories from Wiesenthal of tolerance and justice. In this day and age, Simon’s stories are more important than ever.

Unfortunately, Tom Dugan’s Wiesenthal is no longer playing at The Ware Center, but be sure to catch this incredible production if it comes to your town. This show is one not to be missed.