Julia M. Snyder
Managing Editor

Millersville’s college radio station WIXQ The Ville hosted a Creepy Carnival in the SMC promenade on Halloween night. The campus organization fundraiser featured games such as pumpkin bowling, family feud, face painting, karaoke and a raffle.

WIXQ has previously hosted similar Halloween events, and has used feedback to improve from previous years.

Preparations for the event began early in the semester, and were based off of previous events hosted by the campus radio station.

Members of the MU community said they appreciated the karaoke aspect of the previous event, but encouraged the DJ’s of WIXQ to add more games and events to attract a larger crowd. The raffle table was covered in prizes including tickets to Field of Screams, gift cards to Sugar on Top and a plethora of WIXQ t-shirts.

“We’re always looking for new ideas,” stated the radio stations faculty advisor, Dr. Lowery Woodall. “These things are always kind of a shot in the dark, you hope for the best.”

Station manager Priscilla Mulrooney has expressed an interest in making the Creepy Carnival an annual event, but acknowledged that this year was strictly meant for “testing the waters.”

“We just wanted to make Halloween better than last year,” said Mulrooney. “I just [wanted] everyone to have a safe and fun halloween activity.”

In addition to providing a fun campus event for the Millersville community, WIXQ decided to run the carnival to fundraise for their organization and raise awareness about campus radio.

The staff stated that they thought the overall event was successful.

“We had a lot of positive feedback,” said Mulrooney. “The main point was to give people a safe option for halloween and to be seen, so regardless as to whether or not people came to the event, there were a lot of people who saw us.”

Costumes were not required to participate in the carnival events, but they were strongly encouraged.

Individuals who attended the event used the opportunity to show off their creative side, and the carnival was riddled with characters like Jesus Christ, zombie prom queens and television characters like Eleven from Stranger Things.

Overall, WIXQ staff estimated that around 100 people stopped by the promenade to roll pumpkins down the tarp, sing their favorite tunes and celebrate Halloween in costume. The experimental nature of the event did not seem to affect the enjoyment of the crowd.

“Family feud was popular, but karaoke was the most popular… we gave them what they asked for,” said Mulrooney.