Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

"Boo!" brings spooky, hilarious fun to audiences.  (Photo courtesy of www.comingsoon.net)
“Boo!” brings spooky, hilarious fun to audiences. (Photo courtesy of www.comingsoon.net)

“Boo! A Madea Halloween” came to theaters just in time for Halloween. Tyler Perry is at it again with another flick staring the famous Madea.

In this flick, it’s Halloween night and Madea (Tyler Perry) is handing out candy at the retirement home with  Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis). Her phone then rings and it’s her nephew Brian, who sounds very stressed. He asks Madea to please come over and watch his teenage daughter Tiffany (Diamond White) and her friend Aday (Liza Koshy); since he’s worried about them sneaking out to attend a frat party.

Instead of Madea showing up along she brings alone Joe (Tyler Perry), Aunt Bam, and Hattie (Patrice Lovely). Brian (Tyler Perry) is very surprised when he opens the door and sees Madea along with a few more friends. Brian does not want his daughter Tiffany finding out that he called for Madea to keep an eye on her, so when Tiffany comes downstairs her father becomes very nervous. Brian tells Tiffany that Madea just stopped by and was visiting, but in all reality everybody is staying the night to keep and eye on Tiffany.

She is very upset and doesn’t believe that Madea and the crew only stopped by, she believes that her father called for them to spy on her, like a child.

After Brian leaves Tiffany and her friend Aday go up to her bedroom and brainstorm ways to sneak out without any of the “old people” realizing it. Tiffany then finds an old ouija board and brings it downstairs in hope to scare the old folks to bed.
She tells them that Mr. Walker murdered his entire family and himself in the house and that every Halloween he haunts it. Madea did not believe Tiffany, but everybody else did, so they tried to sleep off their fear.

Madea does not trust that Tiffany won’t sneak out to the party with her friend, so she goes upstairs and checks Tiffany’s bedroom. Tiffany and her friend snuck out to the party, so Madea grabbed the rest of the clan and they found the frat party. It took Madea having to flash the frat boys for them to get in, after getting it Madea went on her hunt for Tiffany. After spending some time searching for Tiffany at the party Madea didn’t have much luck, but she knew that Tiffany was somewhere there. After getting physically kicked out of the get together she called the cops on the party which was a huge mistake. The boys knew that it was her that called the cops, so they planned some revenge. The revenge consisted of dressing like clowns, messing with the mirrors in the house, and turning the TV on and off.

Madea and the crew thought the house was actually haunted, but it was just the boys. Or was the house haunted as well?

This film will have you on the edge of your seat and laughing the entire time. It’s spooky and humorous at the same time.

Grade: A+