Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

Improv Molotov are back at it again with their second of three improv shows. On November 3, the actors performed a fantastic show in the Student Memorial Center Multipurpose Room.

The best part about the improv shows is that they’re free and open to everybody, sneaking a friend in from outside of Millersville is easy.

Before even seeing the show, audience members knew that it would be a funny one due to the image on the promotional posters. The show was titled “Improv at Tiffany’s” rather than “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The image used on the flyer was the same that was used on the movie poster, but it was tweaked. The improv photo used someone else’s face instead of Audrey Hepburn and added a cat on the neck. This show lasted about an hour and consisted of five different “games”. A game is basically a comedy segment in the improv world.

The first game was titled “interrogation” which was a guessing game. One of the actors was brought in for questioning about who did the crime. Audience members also tried to predict who the bad guy was which was nice because audience involvement always makes a show more interesting. By the end of this game, audience members were slumped in their seats laughing.

The second game was like “whisper down the alley” with a large twist. Two of the improv actors did a scene while two other actors stood in the back of the room with headphones on. They could see what was going on, but could not hear it. When they tried to redo the scene, it was hilarious because of how far from it was from the original.

Game three was titled “Foreign Film Dub” which was very interesting to say the least. The movie that they pretended to watch was in a foreign, made up language. The improvers even reenacted some of the scenes of the film.

The longest of the games was full circle since it was technically a 5 in 1. Full circle consists of 5 scenes and each actor is in 2 of the scenes. After the first scene, a character leaves and another appears, then another character leaves and is replaced. The final scene consists of the original character from scene one and the 5th character.

The final game involved text messages from the audience which was very humorous. Five audience members’ text messages were read aloud and the improvers tried to act out the context of the messages. Some were funnier than others, especially when a text caused the male actors to twerk.

All in all, the improvers put on a phenomenal second show. Their final show of the fall semester is on December 1 in the SMC MPR.

Other University Theater events include Spring Awakening on November 10-12 at 8p.m. and November 13 at 2p.m. The Citamard Players will also put on short plays on November 18 and 19 at 8p.m. in Dutcher Hall.