MU Alum co-hosts LIVE with Kelly

2010 Alum Richard Curtis won a social media competition and had the opportunity to co-host a live talk show with Kelly Ripa. Photo courtesy of Richard Curtis.

Mickayla Miller
News Editor

Stand out and go big.

These words were ingrained into 2010 alumni Richard Curtis’s mindset when he attended Millersville. Six years later, he had an opportunity to show the world just what his experiences had led to.

Curtis graduated from Millersville with a technology education degree, and went on to pursue his passion of teaching at Souderton Area High School in Montgomery County. He has two kids and he is married.

One day, he said his wife suggested that he sign up for a social media competition to be a co-host on an episode of “Live! with Kelly” with Kelly Ripa.

“I kept putting it off until she told me not to come home until it was finished,” Curtis said. “Needless to say, I needed a place to sleep so I applied that afternoon.”

Curtis found out around 6 a.m. that he had won the competition.

One of the celebrities that Richard Curtis had an opportunity to interview was actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo courtesy of Richard Curtis.
One of the celebrities that Richard Curtis had an opportunity to interview was actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo courtesy of Richard Curtis.

“I completely lost it,” Curtis said. “Pure tears of joy!”

On October 21, he co-hosted the show with Kelly Ripa, which featured Elijah Wood and Sullivan Stapleton.

Articles about Curtis as co-host have appeared everywhere from People magazine to TMZ. Many people find his performance to be natural and charming, and have suggested that he became the next co-host of the show.

While that may be something to think about in the future, Curtis said he just wants to relish in the present.

“I have been living such a dream and enjoying the moment so much that I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” Curtis said. “I am just going to continue soaking all this in and really take it for all that it’s worth.”

Much to his surprise, he was asked to come back and do another show with Kelly. “I was so pumped, I threw a chair in the air,” Curtis said.

The November 7 show featured Jared Padalecki from Supernatural and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“You were so good at it that we had to get [you] back for another day… as soon as possible,” said Kelly Ripa on “Live!” “…I’m so happy you’re back.”

Curtis said on his Instagram that he feels blessed, and has mentioned on the show how much he enjoyed being there.

“It has been amazing interviewing such big name celebrities and having actually conversations with the people I grew up watching,” Curtis said.

For now, being a teacher is still in Curtis’s agenda, but being on a nationally broadcast television program has already brought him more opportunities.

Curtis will be riding in a float for the Philadelphia Thanksgiving parade, and then will be co-hosting the parade with Cecily Tenant and Rick Williams.

“I hope I made the university proud,” he said. By standing out and going big, he has added himself to the long list of alumni who are doing fantastic things.