Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

The Black Cast pictured performed the daytime shows for "Poe Evemore". (Photo Courtesy of PARenFaire.com)
The Black Cast pictured performed the daytime shows for “Poe Evemore”. (Photo Courtesy of PARenFaire.com)


All English majors have heard of Edgar Allen Poe. He’s one of the most famous poets of all time. His poems and short stories are very dark but extremely intriguing. Several films have been made from his poems including an animated film of “Tell Tale Heart” and several short clips of “The Raven.”
On Sunday November 13 the English Club traveled to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire to see some of Poe’s writings put to life.

A Theater in the Mansion & PRF Production put on “Poe Evermore.” “Poe Evermore” was very interesting and kept audience members at the edge of their seats.

Spectators had two options, to either have lunch before the show or just see the show. The English club went just for the show, but there were still several options for eating and drinking. Prior to the show, there was mingling and wine throughout the mansion. It was decorated with a goth theme. Many dolls were scattered around the mansion and the actors greeted guests with a very warm welcome. They were all dressed in 1800’s outfits and spoke in the dialect from that time period.

“Poe Evermore” was presented from November 2-13 on the grounds of the Renaissance Faire. There were 3 different shows, but all audience members had the opportunity to see all 3. On the bottom of the ticket was a number and that number entailed which room you would start in. Everybody began in the ballroom and from there was split up. The actors used a lot of humor and had the guests very involved in the show.

The English Club started out in the ballroom and listened to “The Man That Was Used Up”. This story was one that audience members weren’t as familiar with but still enjoyed. This story uses a lot of humor and expresses man’s relationship with technology. Puppets were used a lot in this story which made it very interesting and unique.

Various Edgar Allen Poe poems were read in the chapel by an actor who looked identical to Poe and portrayed his personality perfectly. “The Raven”, “The Sleeper”, and “Annabel Lee” were read. The actor used a lot of emotion and brought the poems to life. The decor in the chapel was also very interesting in that it showed a stuffed raven, a cage and stationary.

The last room was in the hallway and was read by a young woman. “The Black Cat” is a very dark work of Poe and many cat lovers cannot stand it. This story is about the killing of a cat and the regret of doing so. Many people see the killing of the cat as symbolism since Poe was a suspect for the death of his wife. “The Black Cat” was read with a very emotional touch and featured a very terrifying cat skeleton prop.

The show was a little over an hour long, but it felt like a quick show due to how enjoyable it was.

Since the show requires a lot of time and commitment there are two casts. A black cast and an orange cast. The orange cast performs the evening shows and the black cast performs the daytime shows.

This show was a very unique and capturing one, and it’s recommend to anybody who enjoys literature.