Lexi Ganas

Staff Writer

Sleeping at Last's music has been featured in films such as "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn". (Photo courtesy of relevantmagazine.com)
Sleeping at Last’s music has been featured in films such as “The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn”. (Photo courtesy of relevantmagazine.com)

1999 was the year that alternative rock band Sleeping At Last formed. The trio is based out of the suburbs of Chicago. The band consists of vocalist Ryan O’Neal, drummer Chad O’Neal, and bass player Dan Perdue.

Interscope records signed the band in 2002, and a year later they put out their first album titled “Ghosts”. The band then went on a national tour opening up for alternative rock band Switchfoot.

Over the next three years, Sleeping At Last became a solo project and since then has stayed that way.

In 2011, Ryan O’Neal began releasing three songs per month putting together a “yearbook” project. This idea was very popular amongst fans, so he did it again with “Atlas: Year One” which consisted of 30 songs.

Sleeping At Last’s “Turning Page” was featured in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. This tune was played during the wedding scene.

O’Neal then began doing a lot of cover songs for the ABC hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”. O’Neal’s voice became a normal sound for an episode of “Grey’s”.

“Covers, Vol One” came out in 2014 and it consisted of all 80’s covers. The eight song album consisted of covers from bands such as Hall & Oates, The Police, and The Proclaimers. All of the songs were extremely slowed down of course and had a piano accompanying O’Neal’s vocals.

O’Neals vocals fit perfectly with the theme of “Grey’s Anatomy”. His songs are often played during a tragic scene or a romantic scene.

O’Neal then began recording more music and releasing one single per week. The outcome ended up being two albums titled “Atlas: Senses” and “Atlas: Emotions”. Both of these albums consisted of songs played on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The newest project from Sleeping At Last is titled “Covers, Vol Two”. The 10 track album consists of more modern songs including “Chasing Cars” and “Make You Feel My Love.”

This project was very interesting since O’Neal covered Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.” The cover sounds nothing like the original and listeners can easily mistaken it for an original song of O’Neal’s.

“Grey’s Anatomy” fans listen to this new album with a heavy heart since “Today Has Been OK” was played during the scene where Dr. Derek Shepherd passed away. “Chasing Cars” is also a very popular song on the show. Many artists have covered the tune just to be played on the show.

Sleeping At Last is a great band, but O’Neal’s covers are by far the most popular. His covers are very different from the originals and that makes his music very unique. O’Neal can take any song, slow it down, and make it his own which is very rare for an artist to do.

“Covers Vol 2” is a beautiful album and can brighten anybody’s day. O’Neal’s tunes are also good to listen to while studying and they’re beautiful songs to sing to your significant other. Check out O’Neal’s and Sleeping At Last music for a great, mellow music session.