Snapper Spotlight: Dr. Ashley Miller promotes inclusion, kindness

Nora Long
Staff Writer

Dr. Ashley Miller  not only teaches at Millersville, but at West Chester University and Temple University.

She has experience in many different areas of teaching, including teaching special education to students in grades 9-12 with a focus on transition, career readiness, reading, decoding, and fluency.

Dr. Miller said her parents and teachers knew as early as 3rd grade that she would make an excellent teacher.

Even at a young age Dr. Miller said she would make sure that everyone felt like they belonged, and those who were left out would be included.

Dr. Miller said, “Thankfully, this strong sense of inclusivity was fostered and supported by adults in my life, reinforcing my desire to expand my audience with this passion.”

This is one reason that Miller began to teach students from all exceptionalities (strengths and areas of need,) and to teach and inspire other educators how to teach their future students. She is very passionate about special education and everything that it entangles.

Dr. Miller questions the meaning of the phrase “regular classroom.” She uses this as a model for how she adapts her surroundings.

“Classrooms were designed for human beings. Education is a right in this country. Four walls were not designed to be exclusive,” Miller said.

“What makes a person unique? Our society puts a stamp on someone in a wheelchair, as ‘special’ or ‘heroes.’ Why? Doesn’t everyone want to be treated in a way that is unique to them?”

Dr. Miller explains that it isn’t the wheelchair, their feeding tubes, or a prosthetic that makes them special. “We are evolving to an ‘al la carte society,’ and I believe options need to be made available to everyone,” said Dr. Miller.

On a small scale Dr. Miller would like to see more of these wonderful children have the opportunity to share their story.

“We have to look beyond those easy targeted labels, and begin to look at humans like humans again,” said Dr. Miller.