Christmas rules, Thanksgiving drools

Christmas by Holmes Palacios Jr.

Peyton Powell

Staff Writer


Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It is celebrated by many people throughout the world, and just so happens to be my favorite holiday. However there is one giant question looming over all Christmas lovers everywhere like myself, which is, “When should Christmas actually start?”

The exact start date for the Christmas season differs between each person, and should be their decision. Some people side on the side of celebrating after Thanksgiving, and like to dictate about when we can start celebrating. Who are they, the Christmas Police? Here in the United States people have strong opinions, and when others don’t feel the same way we do about something they try and shove their beliefs onto others, which is what they try to do with our celebrating. This is crazy! You don’t see us going around, throwing tinsel and candy canes at people who don’t start celebrating early. It is completely your choice.

For me Christmas starts directly following Halloween. To be exact, this year my Christmas decorations were put up at home on November 5th, and my dorm room following shortly afterward. Christmas is not all about decorations, but a combination of many things; including spending time with family, baking cookies, and having that special feeling in your heart. We early elves feel that Christmas is that one holiday that just does not last long enough, so therefore we want to try and extend this time. This is one of main reasons why we start our celebrations early, but as you know there are many others.

Some people out there think that what I do is completely insane, but I am not the only one out there who takes Christmas to the extremes. The Scrooges’ main argument against us is that we completely skip Thanksgiving, which is false. Thanksgiving is one those holidays that just doesn’t make people feel a certain way, except full. There is no real extreme celebrating to go along with Thanksgiving. Santa’s helpers, including myself celebrate Thanksgiving as an early Christmas. I know that for Thanksgiving my family doesn’t come and celebrate it with us, and that is one reason that I just absolutely love Christmas. People also tend to use the time over Thanksgiving to put up their decorations, but if they were like us they would have time to relax, and only worry about putting up there outside decorations. Thanksgiving is the only main argument factor for them.
There are some plus sides of starting to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, some reasons greater than others. A few of those reasons being that you have all your stuff up, and don’t need to worry about it, your happy-peppy mood could make others days happier just from you, and it will generally put you in a happy mood. These reasons benefit not only yourself, but others around you, like friends, neighbors, and family.

Choosing when to start celebrating is a choice to be made by oneself, and not for others to decide for you. You could either be like me and start right after Halloween or like other Grinches and only after Thanksgiving. So, as you make your decision don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins, and make sure to follow the number one rule of elves which is to, “Treat every day like Christmas.”