Julia M. Snyder

Managing Editor


Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. The holiday cheer, the warmth of family traditions and the soft, hazy glow of white twinkle lights on a sweet-scented tree in the corner of a room certainly paint December in it’s own special glow.

Notice the distinction though; December. Just December should be painted in red, green and gold; not November and December, and certainly not anywhere before Halloween into the new year.
Stop celebrating holidays before it’s that holiday’s turn to pop up on the calendar.

The age-old adage “good things come to those who wait” sums up exactly why Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated before the nation has had it’s fill of hot turkey dinners. Although there might be appeal in the idea of being able to celebrate Christmas for as much time as possible, this over-zealous approach degrades both the celebration itself and Thanksgiving.

Yes, remember Thanksgiving; the precursor to Christmas that is typically meant to prompt individuals to appreciate the wonderful things that they find in their lives? Bowling over this day to focus on a few catchy songs and the idea of deals for shopping is just another brick in the materialistic prison our country is constructing for itself.

But I digress.

I won’t argue that either holiday is more or less important than the other. The argument here is that each holiday is special in it’s own right. Christmas is certainly more of a production, but Thanksgiving has it’s place on the calendar for a reason. It is a yearly marker that brings warmth to the hearts of the country in a unique, simple way. At Thanksgiving, you’re meant to really sit and reflect on the love and the happiness you’ve found in the year that has passed. Starting the holiday season with this base of warmth and appreciation just increases the anticipation for Christmas, which makes the eventual celebration more joyous.

At a time where many people are finding themselves fearful of the government and their neighbors, now is the ideal opportunity to carve out time to celebrate the good things in life. While you’re carving out that time, maybe carve a turkey too. Don’t deprive yourself of the full contented bliss that comes with a well-celebrated Thanksgiving. If you’re so unbelievably excited for Christmas, you can put the tree up the very next day and start hosting Christmas karaoke sessions in your car on the way to work without feeling like you’re missing something.
Happy holidays!