Nora Long
Staff Writer


Turkey is the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner (Photo courtesy of Flickr).

November is here, and soon enough it’ll be Thanksgiving. A time full of family, friends, laughter, stuffing, potatoes, turkey, corn, oh… Did I start talking about food? But isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Thanksgiving is more than just food. It is a day to come together as one, to celebrate all of the good things in life, and to be thankful for what we have and who we have in our lives. The food is pretty good as well, so here are five easy tips for keeping your turkey juicy, moist, and full of flavor:

1. Butter is best! Keep your butter at room temperature, season it with spices of your choice, and then rub the spiced butter under the folds on the skin. Be careful not to make any tears.
2. Baste! When you baste your turkey you will end up with a crispier skin and juicier meat. Now you don’t want to over-baste, so you may want to set a timer to baste every 30 minutes. Make sure to not let a lot of heat escape while you are basting.
3. Two-man job! To make the perfect turkey is a big task! Get yourself a buddy for the day, so that while one of you is basting the other can be sliding the turkey out of the oven so you can reach all the way around.
4. Be smart! Try not to over season your turkey, as too much salt will dry out your bird. Nobody likes a dry, cardboard-tasting turkey.
5. Carve well! This may be one of the most important parts, because although the turkey may taste great, you want to make sure it looks good too. So carve wisely, and, if you need to, search for a “how-to” video on YouTube.

You are well on your way to a great Thanksgiving! Remember, no matter whether you’re making the turkey or your mom is, you can always bring these five helpful tips home with you. Visit http:// party/129203/5_tips_for_the_ most for more help on making the best turkey!


During the Christmas season, make sure you check out Hans Herr House (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia).

Are you anxiously awaiting the season of Christmas? Here is a great place to check out in the Lancaster area to get in the Christmas spirit. Take a short ride up to the Hans Herr House! They offer Christmas Candlelight Tours, which feature many of the outbuildings as well as a story read in German and singing. Times and tickets can be found online at, but remember that tours are limited in seats available and are only offered Thursday, December 1st, Friday, December 2nd, and Saturday, December 3rd. Check them out and get ready for a fun, history-filled night.