Sarah Tyler
Staff Writer

Students can assure their voice is heard in this upcoming election by voting at the polls using the free Millersville Voter Van hosted by the Office for Civic and Community Engagement (CCERP). For students registered to vote in Millersville and the surrounding area, this van provides an opportunity for free transportation to the voting polls on November 8.

“The MU Voter Vans are a wonderful opportunity for MU students to exercise their right to vote on Election Day. The voter vans are a quick and easy way for students to ensure that they get to the polls and make their voices heard,” stated CCERP graduate assistant Abraham Mahdally. “Students are encouraged to visit to check on the status and location of the three Millersville polling locations. CCERP staff is happy to assist students with any voting questions.”

According to the Pew Research Center, young adults between the ages of 18-39 make up about 31% of the total voting population, yet they are the least likely to vote. Students are more likely to vote if they have strong beliefs on a certain issue.

Millersville senior Joe Gratz is voting based on current issues related to health care, taxes and immigration policies. “This election has so much hate and strong feeling based on current issues that I feel like it’s important that students get out and vote,” stated Gratz.

MU Voter Vans take students to nearby poll locations, providing students with an opportunity to voice their opinion (Photo courtesy of Center for Civic and Community Engagement).

Lancaster native Christian Hartman is running for Congress in the 16th District of Pennsylvania. Like many others, she understands why many students lack motivation to vote, including the common misconception that voting does not make a difference. “I can understand why young people are frustrated and feel left out of the political process. But the only way to be heard is to participate and make your voice louder,” stated Hartman. “This election is so very important. No matter how you vote, be sure you vote–make your voice heard.”

Registering to vote ended on October 11. While many students are going home to vote, many will stay on campus and not vote at all. “Few times, if any, has our generation faced a decision upon which so many have feared to cast their lot, and too easily have we passed judgment on decisions from those of generations before us. On November 8th, we will all have to make a choice that will affect the world for generations. It is our responsibility to make the choice that no one else should be able to make for us. Not interest groups, not bureaucrats, not political parties. Our decision will impact everything that we care about in one way or another. Make sure you have a say on your future by casting your vote on Election Day,” stated Angel Pagan, member of the College Republicans.

There will be two decorated voter vans leaving from the Huntington House across the street from the Student Memorial Center between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The vans will be making stops in the Millersville area including the Millersville Borough building and Millersville Fire Department. Laptops will be provided for students to determine their polling spot; a CCERP employee will be on hand for any questions.