Comic book stores that are not Amazon

Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

In the month of June 2015, a store opened called Fourth Wall Comics. It is owned by Jared Wolf and Jim and Jeff Mathison. The store is located in the Manor Shopping Center just outside of Lancaster city, and it seems the spot was a good one. They continue to run to this day and are very successful.

All three of them are knowledgeable in all things comics, board games, and tabletop gaming. If they do not know something, they do everything in their power to find it out for the customers. The store itself is well stocked and has a multitude of things to choose from and do. This includes Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Heroclix, and many other games. They also sell toys, clothes, posters, and most important: comics. This seems to be their main customer base as they have the shelves lined with new number one issues.

A quirky part of the store, yet very welcome, is the two arcade machines that the store has in it. The two in question are “Captain America and the Avengers” and the favorite, “X men.” “Quarters jugs are literally overflowing from [the] arcade machines,” Jared says after being asked about their popularity. The store is looking to eventually acquire new machines. These include “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles in Time,” and “Simpsons Arcade.”

At Fourth Wall they also sell vintage comics and accept trade-ins of various things. They might accept, depending on condition, comics, sealed board games, and various collectibles. They will offer store credit that the customer can use in the store or they will buy the product outright.

The community at Fourth Wall is growing by the day and Jared describes them as, “Awesome.” Fourth Wall hosts a variety of events for their community. On Mondays and sometimes Saturday they have Heroclix events. Daniel Hufford, an avid Heroclix player, organizes and judges the Heroclix events.

When asked to describe the Heroclix community at Fourth Wall Hufford had this to say, “The Heroclix players at 4th wall comics are all great people, all coming together to play a super fun game! I’ve been to many stores to play Heroclix but the players at 4th wall are by far the best group of loyal and fun players I have had the pleasure meeting.”

On Wednesday and Sunday, they have Dungeons and Dragons events. The Wednesday event runs from Six to Seven and player and DM Tim Gordon says, “Mimics. they instill fear in the players.” He says this from experience of all the wackiness that can come from a Dungeons and Dragons game session.

On Friday they host Friday Night Magic. This is in various magic formats including standard, modern and commander. These nights can see upwards of 10 people playing. It is always really relaxed environment and the community is laid-backed when it comes to being competitive.

The busiest days are usually weekends and Wednesdays, Jared says. Since Dungeons and Dragons has such a large group there it is easy to see why they are so busy. There are sometimes excess of 20 people playing Dungeons and Dragons on a Wednesday night.

When asked what is in the future for them, Jared says they might expand their store and have bigger tournaments. With comic book movies on the rise and the store being located right beside a movie theater, Regal 16, it is hard to imagine them ever doing bad.

In the not so far future, Jared reminds customers that Free Comic Book Day is coming up. It will be the first Saturday in May.