Saxbys makes Millersville debut

The Philadelphia-based company aims to provide hospitality and embrace philanthropy in the community. Photo Courtesy of Millersville University.

Julia Snyder
Managing Editor

With the beginning of the spring 2017 semester, Millersville University saw some changes to the dining establishments on campus. The most notable addition to the list of spots to grab a snack on campus is Millersville’s very own Saxbys Coffee cafe. The cafe is located in Gordinier Hall, in the area that was previously known as the Campus Grill.

Saxbys is a Philadelphia-based company and was created by Nick Bayer in  2005. The company is a self-proclaimed  “hospitality company fueled by great coffee,” and is built on community-oriented core values and a strong mission statement: Make Life Better.

Millersville University now hosts a Saxbys Cafe due to alumni Rep. Jordan Harris, who brought the idea up to Bayer.

According to the Cafe Executive Officer Gabrielle Spica “It was kind of an organic connection that turned into something bigger.”

The Millersville cafe is completely run and operated by Millersville students. This reflects the company’s core value at Saxbys of “community serving community.” Student workers at the cafe are also eligible to earn credits toward entrepreneur minors, since the cafe has partnered with the university’s Peter H. Slaugh, Jr. Entrepreneurship program.

A large part of Saxbys mission statement also refers to the company’s philanthropic endeavors. In the cafe, proceeds from specific purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations that are important to Saxbys team members. CEO Nick Bayer has been a big brother in the organization Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, and donations are made to the organization from water bottle sales at each cafe.

In addition to serving the community, Saxbys focuses on serving employees and assists in maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. Spica stated that an important part of Saxbys values is the idea that it’s an organization that develops people, and will assist the personal growth of employees.

“You can’t teach attitude, but you can teach someone how to steam milk,” Spica said.

Having a Saxbys on campus also opens opportunities for students to work collaboratively and display their talents. The cafe space showcases student artwork, and Spica has mentioned plans to host events such as open mic nights and other events that enable Millersville organizations to pair up with the company.

“We want to be a name on campus so definitely expect big things,” said Spica.

In the upcoming weeks, Saxbys has quite a few ideas on how to branch out to other community members. President’s Day weekend is the next big event on the calendar. Saxbys will be hosting Girl Scouts come in to sell cookies to the community.

“We encourage collaboration. that’s what coffee is about; bringing people together,” said Spica.