MU fencing plays host

Alexander Bershtein

Staff Writer


The Fencing Tournament last Saturday at the Marauder Courts was packed with competitors from 14 colleges, including University of Delaware, James Madison University, Temple, Drexel, University of Maryland, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Georgetown, George Mason, George Washington, Bryn Mawr, United State Naval Academy, St. John’s, St. Mary’s, and Millersville of course.

The, questionably polite, sword battling spectacle lasted from 9-5 with duels between teams of three from each college and for each style, saber, foil, and epee.

Some great moments include one of the epees, who got a finishing blow with the drama of a new blade bending into hook like state as the blade went from the opponent to the ground and eventually snapping. The team’s armorer gave quite an annoyed speech that some teammates want to put on a placard, “The best way to anger the armorer is breaking new swords!” The way he pronounced and emphasized it made some laugh, to his dismay.

The sabers were like whirlwinds, and sometimes you could not even see the blades clashing. For the sabers the blade control is all about reaction and action, and of course speed that makes you think of The Flash.

The foils had their share of dives, splits, and jumps to get their targets, and with plenty of constant parrying. Many times some members of the Fencing Guild were almost pushed off the track only to comeback with a ram.