Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor  

Prince Street Café was abuzz with activity on Monday afternoon. Students and workers were either studying, typing away on a computer, or just taking a quiet break to enjoy a quick cup of coffee. Despite it being busy, there was plenty of seating around, from tables and booths to bar seats and large, raised tables. The cozy interior was a welcome from the windy winter weather waiting outside.

Caramel dream latte
A cappuccino at Prince Street Cafe. Customers can order specialized coffee drinks, black coffee, and an assortment of teas (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

The inside was decorated with hipster-esque paraphernalia. The walls held various pictures, including one with a quote, “I may be homeless, but that is not who am.” In the corner, another picture hung which said “Revolution” in bold white letters across a beige background. Underneath, it said: “Revolution exists to empower women experiencing the crisis of homelessness.” One painting pictured a mug full of colorful brushes. These paintings helped give the Prince Street Café an artsy atmosphere.

The tables and the floors were all wooden, and the chairs were a slightly darker shade of brown. The Prince Street Café had a welcoming atmosphere.

Once guests order, they will receive a numbered placer to put on their table. The menu is not unlike other the other cafes’ which are spread throughout downtown Lancaster. Prince Street Café offers anything from regular old coffee (with free

Prince Street cafe
Prince Street Cafe is located right in downtown Lancaster. Plenty of street parking is available, and visitors can also park in the Prince Street Parking Garage (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

refills) to cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos. Prince Street Café also serves tea and special tea beverages such as the ever-popular Chai latte.

Besides beverages, the Prince Street Café also serves an assortment of soups and sandwiches, for the hungry 9:00-5:00er on their lunch break, the roaming student looking for a bite to eat while on downtown adventures, or the hungry shopper trying to decide where to stop for a lunch break. Housemade soups are also served such as chicken and wild rice and curried squash. Granola bars, baked oatmeal, and biscotti are sold at Prince Street Café, as well as scones, pastries, pies, and cakes.

The music playing inside was similar to beep-bop or the modern pop genre.  It played softly in the background, not overshadowing the buzz of several conversations going on at once.

At one end of the café, there was a large brown-scale city painting. The painting invoked a feeling of small-town and city life at the same time. The Prince Street Café sits right in the heart of downtown Lancaster, yet it does not have an overwhelmingly busy atmosphere. Albeit, perhaps 2pm on Monday is not at the peak-hours of business, but the Prince Street Café retains a certain familiar atmosphere.

Mugs cafe
Teapots decorated the inside of the cafe. Besides coffee, Prince Street Cafe also serves tea (Photo courtesy of Maria Glotfelter).

For visitors driving in, there is plenty of street meter parking available along Prince Street. However, drivers may find more space in the Prince Street Parking Garage during busier times when street space is taken up.

Prices at the café are neither stellar nor unreasonable. A cappuccino or macchiato costs around $3.50, while a regular coffee with free refills costs about $2.75.

The café is located conveniently close to a Sugar on Top, a doughnut shop which many Millersville students also frequent on George Street. For Millersville students, faculty, or Lancaster citizens looking to find a new café to try out, checking out the Prince Street Café will be