Opportunity for undergraduate students to research

Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

Undergraduate students looking to fund their research may want to look into Millersville University Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience (MU-MUSE) with the rapidly approaching deadline of February 17. Student winners of the program have the opportunity to win up to $5000 and, according to the application, will be able to participate in a 10-week “summer faculty-mentored scholarly or creative experience.”

Students who are selected for MU-MUSE will be able to collaborate with faculty members to conduct research. For the application, students will have to write a student statement discussing what their qualifications are and also detail the goals/ideas for their project in a Project Narrative and Learning Plan. MU-MUSE is accepting applicants from all colleges and majors. However, there are some eligibility requirements. Some of these requirements are as follows: completed at least 33 credit hours of college coursework, have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and have a research mentor who is a Millersville University faculty member. For a full list of requirements, interested students can visit

MU-MUSE is just another opportunity for Millersville students to get valuable research during their undergraduate academic pursuits. For this summer, up to eight awards may be given out to Millersville students. Students can apply at