The Freedom Bundle is awesome

Nick Hughes

Opinion Editor


The Freedom Bundle is one of the greatest things that Humble Bundle has ever done. For those who do not know what the Humble Bundle is, it is a service that allows users to pay what they want and get content at a discounted rate. There are three types of bundles that they do. These are game bundles, book bundles, and mobile bundles.

Some of the notable bundles that Humble Bundle have done include, The Star Wars Humble Bundle one through three, The Sonic bundle, and the software bundles. The bundle that has caught my eye is the Freedom bundle. The Freedom Bundle proceeds are 100 percent going towards ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Doctors Without Borders, and IRC (International Rescue Committee). Humble Bundle is willing to match $300,000 of what is sold. This will make $600,000 that these organizations will be getting. As of the time of this writing, the $300,000 goal has been reached and the sales are currently at 3.4 million dollars.

What I love about the Humble Bundle, especially the Freedom Bundle, is that you pay what you want, and you get an amount of content based upon what you pay. It is a really cool concept for those who do not have that much money. Or it could be that they only want a certain tier of the bundle, so they only have to pay that much, instead of full price for just one.

Humble Bundle is a cool way for gamers to feel like they are contributing and I personally have used more than a few of the bundles. I am always satisfied with them and I get a good feeling that I am helping. In whatever small way I can.