Byerly Hall will have new name, other campus renovations underway

Byerly Hall, home of the Psychology Department, will be renamed in honor of Dr. Susan Luek. Photo Courtesy of Millersville University.

Michael Brockett
Business Manager

A few new building names will be appearing around campus during the next couple of semesters. Gilbert Hall on the north side of campus will now be known under the new name of Lehigh Hall. This was changed because of a safety protocol which requires each building to have a unique name. The name is derived from the Pennsylvania county.

After the rededication of the Villages in the south end of campus to the original residence hall names, campus suddenly contained two Gilbert Halls. Working with officials on campus and local safety personnel, the decision to rename the north side Gilbert Hall as Lehigh Hall went into effect.

Another renaming on campus involves the ever expanding Psychology Department located in Byerly Hall. There will be a rededication of the psychology building to honor Dr. Susan Luek, a former Professor of Psychology, This upcoming October right before Homecoming.

Students in the Psychology Department will soon be housed in the newly named Luek Hall. Dr. Susan Luek was a professor at Millersville University for over 30 years, devoting her time to bettering the department and student opportunities. The Office for University Advancement, formally requested to the Council of Trustees to change the name at the end of last semester.

Dr. Luek was the first professor to receive Educator of the Year. She helped to shape the Psychology Department into what it is today. Beyond her contributions in the classroom, she served the university through her work on commissions and research as well as monetary donations over the years. After careful consideration and review of the policy to name university facilities, Dr. Aminta Breaux, Vice- President of University Advancement, proudly brought forth this rededication to the Council of Trustees, as Dr. Luek embodied all that Millersville University stood for, as well as having a name connecting to the department housed within.

Andrew Byerly was a graduate of the Millersville Normal School back in 1855, as well as serving as a professor of English at the school. While historically, Byerly holds importance, many in the psychology department could not understand the connection between name and the facility. Through this rededication, Luek Hall will finally be properly connected to the Psychology department housed within. On the second floor, the student lounge will retain the former name to still honor the contributions of Andrew Byerly during his time at Millersville University. Beyond these two rededications, the campus is finally seeing the final stages of construction and renovation on campus. With the new welcome center underway, the campus will be gaining another new name in the upcoming years.

The Lombardo Welcome Center will the campus’s first net-zero energy building, assisting the university in its plan for sustainability. Samuel and Dena Lombardo have been long time contributors to the university, providing donations towards the renovations for the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center and McComsey Hall. The new net-zero energy is able to be completed, largely from the generous donation and support from the Lombardo’s, in their efforts to help promote the environmental friendly status of the campus and increase sustainability for the university. As the university finishes the welcome center, the students will finally see a brief pause in construction on campus. Roger Bruszewski, Vice-President of Finance and Administration, reassures the campus that until the next ten year plan is finalized, we will be seeing a small lull between any more projects. After the completion of the Lombardo Welcome Center, the only projects the campus will be seeing will be the renovations of Jefferson Hall, the home for Millersville Athletics.

During the much needed renovations, the department will temporarily be moved into Bard and Lehigh (formerly Gilbert) Halls. Mr. Bruszewski elaborated that while currently the south side housing complex is neared capacity, the need for contingency housing on the north side would not be needed, allowing for the Athletic department to occupy the former residence halls. After the renovation is finished, he feels confident no further construction or renovations will occur for at least 5 years.

While there are talks of a new academic building to be built in the footprint of Gerhart Hall, as well as discussions to turn E. Fredrick Street, running from the intersection of George and Frederick Street down to the Argires Science Complex, into a pedestrian walk, none of these projects will take form until the next 10 year plan is established and worked out through the state. Until this point, Mr. Bruszewski stated, “No further demolition or construction will be seen by the students of the campus.” Finally, after many years of construction and renovation, along with some new names joining the old, students at Millersville University can appreciate the full beauty that is the home of the Marauders.