MU students show school spirit

Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

Millersville University students showed their school spirit by showing up to the Quad for a Water Balloon Toss last Friday. The event was held in order to create a one-minute spirit video to submit to NBC’s Today Show for this year’s Rokerthon.

IMG_4259 (1)
Before heading out to the Quad, students gathered in the SMC Multipurpose room (Photo courtesy of Amber Liggett).

     For the past couple of years, Albert Lincoln “Al” Roker Jr., the weather anchor for NBC’s Today Show, has traveled around to different schools for “Rokerthon.” For chosen schools, Al Roker will hold a live weather forecast and help the college students break a Guineas World Record.

     In order to get Al Roker to come to their campus, students must submit a one-minute video that shows both their school spirit and which Guineas World Record they would like to break with Al. Last Friday, that is exactly what Millersville students did.

Amber Liggett, the president of the Millersville University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (MU-AMS), and Brandon Molyneaux, the Web Master for MU-AMS, spearheaded the event. Liggett first heard about the event though the Director of Communications, Janet Kacskos. Liggett and Molyneaux, along with members of the AMS and MU faculty, organized the student-driven event. Even on a restricted schedule, the students were able to pull together a successful event.

“Seeing it all come together with only a couple weeks of prep was very great,” Liggett stated.

IMG_4261 (1)
Students lined up for a water balloon toss at the Quad (Photo courtesy of Amber Liggett).

     For their Guineas World Record breaker, Liggett and organizers chose to try and break the record for the world’s largest Water Balloon Toss. The current record is at 922 people. If Al Roker comes to MU, Liggett hopes to get 1000 students to show and break the record.

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     Liggett and other organizers borrowed old homecoming decorations to help display MU school spirit during the video. Participants in the Water Balloon Toss were also asked to bring/wear anything that showed MU spirit.

“It was a lot of fun. The people who came showed their MU pride,” stated Liggett.

     Before the Water Balloon Toss, students met in the SMC Multi-Purpose Room for a spirit party. After the spirit party, students went out to the Quad to toss water balloons. The event lasted from 1:00-3:00pm on Friday afternoon.

      In order to film the event, a GoPro was used and also a video camera from Weatherwatch, a subgroup of MU-AMS. For the initial video, MU students did not have to break a Guineas World Record, but the goal was rather to get as many students as possible to participate and show their school spirit.

Al roker
If Millersville wins the Rokerthon contest, Al Roker will come to campus and do a live weather forecast (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

     The event was quite successful, and the students who participated were enthusiastic about showing school spirit. This week, Liggett says they will be editing the video down to the best parts and highlights to include in the one-minute clip. The submission is due this Friday, Feb. 24, and will be submitted online to the Today Show.

     If Al Roker does come to MU, it will no doubt positively impact the community. Al Roker serves as a role model to many students, and one student at the event even spoke about how Al Roker had been personally inspiring to him. A visit from Al Roker would particularly impact MU’s respected Meteorology program.

     “It’d be really awesome for the Meteorology Department, since we’re not like a huge school like Pennstate,” stated Liggett.

     Students will have to wait for the final answer on whether Al Roker is coming to MU or not. Either way, MU students clearly showed their initiative in organizing and school spirit this past Friday. Students can view the video on Youtube through the following link: