Newly opened Saxbys coffee receives mixed reviews

Saxbys' coffee isn't perfect, but it's worth giving a shot. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Maria Glotfelter

Features Editor

By now, students have no doubt noticed Saxbys, the new coffee shop in Gordinier Hall.

Saxbys is a student-run coffee shop, which also sells some pastries and tea beverages. Students have differing opinions on the newest dining installment at Millersville University, but, overall, they agree that Saxbys is a beneficial addition to MU.

Students have differing thoughts on the location of Saxbys.

“It’s pretty inconvenient, as it’s placed in a spot that I’ve maybe visited three times since being on campus, and that’s with me being a junior,” says junior Mickayla Miller, a commuter.

“The location is nice, though I imagine it will be even better when the construction work is finished, as one of the exits currently leads into a mud pit,” says junior Alex Lavely.

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Some students may be wondering how the new coffee shop will impact the currently frequented Starbucks at McNairy Library, but Saxbys might be different enough that it won’t impact the business flow at Starbucks. Students have different thoughts on how Saxbys stacks up against Starbucks.

“Saxbys offers a friendly and inviting atmosphere that I don’t really feel from the Starbucks in the library, and the baristas are exceptional people,” says Lavely.

Some students stated that they thought the music was too loud or that the lines were too long. Being a new dining place on campus, Saxbys busyness may be a product of recency, or perhaps students are just gravitating more towards this shop.

Of course, students are curious about the quality of coffee at Saxbys.

“The quality of the coffee is not quite my thing,” says Miller. “Typically, lattes are okay, as the syrup has something that redirects the immediate coffee taste. With the price, it was just disappointing to get a latte that sounded like a dream, with three different syrups in it, but ended up just tasting like really strong coffee with a little bit of milk,” Miller continues.

Other students were satisfied with the quality of the beverage they ordered.

“The coffee at Saxbys is better than the coffee offered at most dining halls on campus, and I prefer it over Starbucks; however, that’s all about personal taste. Their espresso certainly seems more potent, at the very least,” says Lavely.

Two students, who have been inside Saxbys but have not purchased anything yet, gave their opinions on the new spot.

“I’ve gone to Saxbys a few times, although I haven’t gotten anything there because it’s expensive for those who don’t have a meal plan. I think it’s cool that students run it. To me, it seems more like a cute coffee shop instead of just a cafeteria or dining hall on campus,” says one commuter student.

“I think Saxbys is in a good location because it’s far enough from Starbucks that it doesn’t compete with it, and it means students in the Suites do not have to walk all the way to the library for coffee,” says Kellie Keener, a junior majoring in Biology.

I have only been to Saxbys once, but my experience was pleasant enough. The prices were not stellar, but they also weren’t more expensive than any other coffee spot I’ve visited in Lancaster. It was fairly noisy inside, but this was probably because I went during busier hours. Personally, I think Saxbys is great because it is student-run and provides MU students with the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience.

Students who have not been completely satisfied with the Saxbys experience are willing to give the shop a second chance.

“…I am willing to give Saxbys more of a chance, but I really need to go to ‘flavor town,’ as the beloved Guy Fieri would say,” Miller states.