Taylor Cole
Arts & Culture Editor

Sitting on Prince Street in Lancaster City sits one of the best record stores in the county. Stan’s Records is a treat for any record lover. Above the shop reads in big retro letters “RECORDS” where the “O” is actually a record. Vinyl lovers can tell just by  looking at the store what it has to offer.

When music lovers walk in, they’ll see a bin saying “FREE” sitting by the window. That’s right. Anything in this box is free. It’s unlikely to find Elvis Presley or ACDC records in this bin, but definitely take a peek! The contents of the “FREE” box may surprise some music lovers. And it’s free! What could be better than free music?

Located next to the free box are pamphlets and flyers for local bars, upcoming events, and important dates. Look here to find what else is going on around Lancaster. Stan definitely keeps up with the latest events people may just want to crash when they’re in the city.

Stans by Moirajeanne FitzGerald
Stan’s Records, located in downtown Lancaster, is a must-visit for any music or record lover (Photo courtesy of Tapewrecks.blogspot.com).

After checking up on local news, record lovers see what they came for. Along the wall are bins full of 45s. 45s are smaller records with one song on either side. Most of the 45s at Stan’s are used because not many artists nowadays press singles onto vinyl. That’s okay though! Older classics can be found by almost any artist one could think of. Blondie, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, KISS, and many more can all be found among the 45s. The 45s are usually kept in little sleeves, without artwork or anything. However, they’re still a cool relic to find and play when in the mood for just that one perfect song.

On the side opposite of the 45s sits a cabinet full of old toys. It’s recommended to take a gander at these throwbacks. It’s weird to think kids used to be satisfied playing with toy cars but now need Candy Crush to get through the day.

After laughing at society’s current need for technology, walk to the back of the record store where the cashier’s counter is. Even though record lovers might not be finished shopping, they’ll be greeted by a friendly face. His name is Stan! Yes, Stan owns Stan’s Records. What a coincidence! Stan checks out customers and changes the music played in his store. Usually, the records music customers hear in the store are Stan’s actual records. That’s a little bit of Inception right there.

As customers round the corner, they’ll see the Mecca of all record collections. From A-Z, almost every artist can be found amongst the records. Guess what? Stan’s even sells newer stuff! Yes, that Adele or Twenty-One Pilots album is available here from time to time.

Stan’s sells all different genres of music, from Christian to pop and from country to metal. Music lovers will be available to find something they enjoy. Not really a record fan? That’s also okay! Stan has a cassette collection and a CD collection for music lovers. Truly, anyone can find something they’ll love to listen to here.

Once customers find something they want, they can have the satisfaction in knowing their wallet will not suffer because of their purchase. Stan’s is very inexpensive for the quality of its products. Several records can be bought for a small price.

Stan’s Records on Prince Street (next to the Fulton Theater) is every music lover’s dream store. Give Stan’s a visit and check out all the store has to offer!