Equestrian Club likes to horse around

Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor

Millersville University’s Equestrian Club is open to any students interested in horses or horseback riding. Some of the club’s main activities are team nights and horse shows.

This semester, the Equestrian Club’s first horse show will be at Wilson College and will take place on Saturday, March 11th. At horse shows, members of the club may compete in events such as walking or jumping their horses. The club will go to colleges that have barns and will ride horses or ponies they’ve never ridden before, making for a challenging competition. Riders will draw their horse’s name out of hat. Last semester, members of the club won various ribbons, ranging from 1st-6th place at various horse shows.

The Equestrian Club also has movie nights, baking nights, and hosts fundraising events to raise money for the club. On team nights, the club will play fun games such as Horse and Pony tag or a murder mystery game that involves participants trying to find an article of clothing hidden in the riding arena. At their meetings, club members discuss upcoming team nights and horse shows as well as opportunities for fundraising.

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The Equestrian Club is open to all horse-loving students or students interested in horseback riding (Photo courtesy of Heidi Douts).

The Equestrian Club also teaches horseback riding lessons for all ages at Longshot Stables. Longshot Stables is located at the following address: 3508 Anchor Rd, Washington Boro, PA, 17582

Additionally, the Equestrian Club is part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). The IHSA was established in 1967 and has now grown to include 40 Regions in 8 Zones with almost 400 member colleges in 45 states and Canada. According to their website, the IHSA encourages competition among horse riders of all levels, but student enthusiasm and team spirit are most emphasized. For more information about the IHSA, students can visit

Students interested in joining the Equestrian Club can contact Miranda Snyder, or they can attend one of the club’s meetings. The Equestrian Club meets at 9:00pm on Tuesday nights in McComsey Hall, Room 304.