Nickolas Hughes

Opinion Editor

I do not drive. I cannot drive, and I am terrified of learning to drive. I am still a successful college student though. I am like all people, I have good days and I have bad days, but through all of that I never took the time to learn to drive. I think that driving is not an essential skill for people to have anymore.

That being because of public transportation and stuff like Lyft and Uber style services popping up. I use the busses that go through Millersville to get to where I am going. It is nice because I do not have to pay for majority of my bus fare since I am a student. That is only on the 16 and Park City routes though.

I also have another advantage called Red Rose Access which operates across Lancaster county and provides transportation to persons with disabilities across the county and farther sometimes. If it is a trip to the doctor or something of that nature the trip is free. If the trip is to go shopping or to go to school, it costs less than 10 dollars. Which for me and other persons with disabilities is a great resource to have.

I think for those who do not have disabilities, but do not drive there are a lot of options for you too. Uber style services have risen since the rise of the smart phone and can be a great way to get towhere you are going. It is similar to a taxi ride in that context. The exception being that the drivers use their own vehicles rather then something from a fleet.

With all of these resources I have found that I do not need a driver’s license.

There is the question though of how would I get to New York City or Philadelphia or something of that nature. The answer is simple. I will use going to Philadelphia for instance. I would take the bus and arrive at Queen street station. Then I would take another bus or walk to the train station. After I get off of the 30 th street station I would get another taxi to go to wherever I wanted to go in Philadelphia. It would take about two hours pending delays, but I think you get the idea. You can get just about anywhere without a driver’s license.