“Dr. Ahpra” disappoints

Nick Hughes 

Opinion Editor

"Dr. Ahpra" lacks the appeal expected from a Marvel Comic. (Photo Courtesy of
“Dr. Ahpra” lacks the appeal expected from a Marvel Comic. (Photo Courtesy of

The comic, “Dr. Ahpra”, is a well done piece, but it lacks the Star Wars appeal that one would expect from such a well-received Marvel comic.

Spoilers ahead for the Darth Vader comics.

In the end of the Darth Vader line of comics, Dr. Ahpra fakes her own death to get away from Darth Vader’s employment. She was successful in escaping and is now traveling with two homicidal droids and a Wookie she owes a lot of money to.

The two droids are the best that the comic has to offer. They are witty and their banter between each other is reminiscent of C-3PO and R2-D2. It just has a little more brutality involved. The two go on a mini adventure in the comic that is quite entertaining. It also removes some heat that was on Dr. Ahpra.

Dr. Ahpra herself is the same charming archaeologist that fans were introduced to in the Darth Vader series. She is similar to Han Solo in many regards and it is easy to like her as a character. The difference between Dr. Ahpra and Solo is the means that they fulfill their missions. Well, it is kind of different. Both would, and have, tried to talk their way out of sticky situations. The main difference, as mentioned above, is who is accompanying the character is question. Han has Leia, Luke and two non-homicidal droids as well as Chewbacca. Ahpra has a similar entourage, but the droids and the Wookie are marked contrasts from what Han has.

Speaking of Wookies, that is a thing the comic could have done a lot better. Black Krrsantan is a great character, and development cannot really be expected in 20 pages, but his inclusion felt detached rather than essential to the plot. Hopefully, Black Krrsantan will get his own line, if not that, a bounty hunter comic would be amazing.

All in all, Dr. Ahpra is well done and a good start, but it needs more meat for it become a good story.

Grade: [C]