Student Business Association attends conference

Julia Snyder
Managing Editor

Members of the Millersville University Student Business Association will be traveling to Orlando to attend an international business conference hosted by the Society for Advancement of Management on Thursday, March 30.

The SBA, a student-managed organization that provides opportunities for students to gain experience through networking and workshops, has been active on Millersville’s campus since the 1990’s. Recently, the organization has seen a spike in activity, and has grown from only two or three members to 15 active participants in the past two semesters.

The organization has also started the process of creating their own business, which has been a project for the group since the fall semester of 2016.

The business features a partnership with the Entomology club. Together, the organizations will sell honey produced by the bees the Entomology Club raises to Lancaster residents.

The SBA has submitted the business plan to the PASSHE State System Business Plan Competition.

The Student Business Association has grown dramatically in the past two semesters and participates in workshops and conferences to build their networks (Photo courtesy of Tyler Jackson).

According to the SBA’s president, Matthew Reif, the creation of their own business is just one way the organization hopes to improve the opportunities it offers to members. Five of the active members of the SBA and the organization’s advisor, Minoo Ghoreishi, will be flying to Florida to take advantage of the experience and the warm weather.

The SAM International Business Conference will provide the students in attendance with plenty of opportunities to meet and network with students, faculty members and professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Reif lists the networking as the main benefit to traveling to the conference. “We definitely learn to network with people and get to know other people involved in organization on a national scale.”

While in Orlando, the SBA will also present a project the organization has been working on since January.

“We’ll be presenting all about how Facebook has a business model of 100 percent advertising revenue… We had to find ways to make it different and make [Facebook] profitable in a different way,” said Reif.

The presentation proposes a feature called Facebook Explore, which according to Reif is similar to Yelp.

“Everything will be listed on one page, all of the local business in your area or wherever you’re traveling,” said Reif.

After attending this conference, Reif says the SBA plans to start redesigning the organization’s social media accounts in order to reach out to more members of the university community and let them know that the SBA is an organization that welcomes members from all majors.

“We hope to grow in that aspect by doing social media campaigns and email blasts,” said Reif.

The Millersville University Student Business Association meets on Wednesday at 5:30 in McComsey room 368.